Kicking up a storm

The sixth part of the talent scout held by Liverpool FC International Football Academy – DSK Shivajians in Pune promises to get promising talent in their academy. Coach Ray Curtis tells us more…

The game of football is getting better in Pune and it is all thanks to the recent fantastic collaboration of Liverpool FC International Football Academy with DSK Shivajians. Their academy is searching for the best Indian footballers to train with them. And they had organised a nationwide hunt for searching for football talent, a month back. After covering five cities throughout India, they have arrived to their home city where two set of trials will be held. The April 30-May 2 trial was for those who missed the earlier dates, while on May 2-4, only Pune football talents were allowed. The chosen ones will go to the DSK International Campus at Loni, Pune.
Ray Curtis, the Liverpool FC coach at the academy, was overwhelmed at the response for the academy’s first talent scout. “Seeing the immense passion among the players that we have worked with so far, where they have also shown great enthusiasm and readiness to learn more about the game, we are extremely positive about their growth as footballers. We are certainly impressed by the potential Indian boys have, which is no different from the boys back home and they have the same sincerity towards pursuing football as a career, which is also commendable.”
While looking for talent, Curtis must have some points to look in them. Curtis notes that passion for the game and an excellence in their own way are the two things they have been looking for in the youngsters. “While there is no dearth of football talent in India, we have realised that there have been very limited opportunities or platforms till few years back. However, this is rapidly changing with several international clubs taking a keen interest. Also, now with Liverpool FC coming down to India and partnering with DSK Shivajians to build an Academy, it will ensure grooming of talent under our guidance and supervision along with top notch facilities that are easily comparable on an international level. Through this partnership, we aim at providing budding football stars across the country both on and off the field.”
Once the talent scout is done with and talented youngsters get into the academy, Curtis is mighty excited as the selected boys will be the first ones to train at the LFC International Football Academy – DSK Shivajians for a one year full time course. “This will provide them with a platform to show off their potential, learn new skills and techniques in a fun, inclusive and safe environment. The academy will develop players’ abilities off the pitch, as well as on it, by introducing them to experiences that will shape their development into young adults and give them life skills that they will be able to use. We are sure that the players at the academy will have an incredible experience with us and enjoy playing football ‘The Liverpool Way’.” We look forward to this beginning.