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Fun, frolic and Fitness at Urbounce

Enjoy gymming in party-style at Pune’s first ever fitness pub, Urbounce, an innovative initiative by Infinite Life Fitness Pvt Ltd. It is aimed at helping you achieve peak fitness through fun and fill your life with happiness and bounce. Here’s more…

An all new fitness joint spread across 10,800 square feet is located in the upscale destination of Baner on the Baner-Pashan link road. A venture of the Infinite Life Fitness Pvt. Ltd, Urbounce is the brainchild of Deepak Awate and Deepak Sanghavi.
Designed around the fitness needs of everyone from 8 to 80, Urbounce ensures that fitness becomes an integral and enjoyable part of a person’s daily routine. It gives a different meaning to the phrase, “clubbing, fun and fitness” Welcoming guests and members with the adrenaline pumping music it exhibits an impressive state of the art gym equipment
The Urbounce Team comprises of fitness consultants, fitness programmers, physiotherapists and nutritionists who carry out an in depth fitness evaluation of every new member to design fitness routines best suited to him or her. Fitness assessment, consultation and review are conducted every 4-8 weeks, to track progress and set up new goals to make the workout routine more enjoyable. They observe, correct and most importantly inspire the members to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle through strong implementation of the workout programmes designed for them.
The gyms across the country have classes that are designed according to the body types of the West and thus the likeliness to go for these classes becomes short term. So Urbounce has designed their own set of group classes according to Indian body types. These group workouts are filled with contagious fun that really gives you a high while working out together. The group classes include High-Five, PowerPlay, JoyRide, ComboYoga, and BouncePump.
High-Five workout involves five key movements of daily life:

  • Push
  • Pull
  • Bend & Lift
  • Twist
  • Locomotion

Spinning StudioPowerPlay is a total body conditioning workout for sports activities on the track and field, which includes athletic and calisthenics workouts that enhance the body’s ability to react to more demanding movements
JoyRide is an indoor cycling (stationary bike) activity, which improves cardiovascular endurance (stamina) and also helps in toning your muscles
BouncePump is a strength and endurance workout. It involves weight training to the pumping beats of energetic music. Bringing together the benefits of traditional yoga, power yoga and pilates in a power packed routine. ComboYoga balances your physical and mental well-being.
There is a health café which offers a carefully selected spread of healthy vegetarian snacks, juices and shakes to provide wholesome goodness of taste and nutrition.
Omega 3 Salad cupsSo why Urbounce?

  • Helps you go the extra mile for the cause of fitness
  • Has developed workout regimes to suit different body types
  • World class Facilities
  • Internationally trained fitness experts
  • International Standard Equipment

This all-new fitness joint not only promises to add a new style to your regular gym routine, but it is sure to give you that bounce you need in life. So, are you planning to join in?
Location: 1st Floor, VEN Business Centre, Baner- Pashan Link Road, Pune-21
Contact: 7767930055/66/77/88/99
Email id:
Timings: Monday to Saturday- 5 am to 11 pm; Sunday- 10 am to 5 pm