The Real Showman

Subhash Ghai through his just-released film Kaanchi wants to speak the language of the youth who does not take injustice lying down. He recalls his journey with his films…

He is a legend. A typical Subhash Ghai film is still a class act and total masala film to the core. In recent past, he has differed in terms of his style and story-telling, but he essentially remains The Showman that we know him to be. And he was in town to promote his just-released film Kaanchi which launches a new face, Mishti. In town at Inox multiplex, he described the film and the character Kaanchi in a unique way. “When an innocent beauty becomes aggressive, she goes from an uncrowned king to being a king. She is a young girl who revolts against everything. The present generation thinks on the lines that if something wrong takes place, they will revolt against it.”
He speaks of the various issues the country is going through, from corruption to disparity of wealth, power. “But today’s generation is well-informed – they are an iPad generation who know the rules. When they see things going wrong, they do not beg for things to get better. They fight for their right. Kaanchi is the voice of the youth.”
kaanchi-movie-hd-wallpaperAs said earlier, a Subhash Ghai film is always larger than life. Grand is the word. “But Kaanchi is not as grand as my earlier films. Like Yaadien, the grandeur comes in the script. I pick up a script and make it honestly. In Kaanchi, the first half is in the mountains and does not need the grandeur. Then it moves to Mumbai and so has to make it cosmo. The second half has all the drama. The thing is my next film should not be like the previous one. People know my style and predictability is a tough task for any director. Don’t judge the film before seeing it.”
Music is always talked about for a Subhash Ghai film and he feels that the music for Kaanchi is like the seven colours in a rainbow. “There is folk colour, love melodies, disco, wedding song, party club song, party song and revolutionary song. The music follows the script and becomes western gradually. Ismail Darbar’s name came in with this.”
We can safely say that Subhash Ghai is old school filmmaker. But times have changed. One is intrigued to know if the changing time means a bringing gap between his concept of a good story and what today’s generation wants to see. Ghai reveals, “The story has to be of the times and each era is different. I have to tell the story of today. I have to speak of the content of what is happening now.” Interestingly, when asked of the one film of his which he would like to remake it in better fashion, the reply is Yuvraaj. “I did not have the time to revise it or give it a finesse.”
Film lovers will know that along with Kaanchi, the other much-awaited film to be released is Revolver Rani, starring Kangna Ranaut. One would be worried about competition. “If both films are good, then we will get good audience. Things are always unpredictable. I wish them immense success. You have to do what you want to and release it. Be fearless. If you have made the film well, leave it to god. He will do the rest. But I can tell you that I have not made a sub-standard film.” He has found his so-called competition intriquing, as he has seen the promos. His parting statement is the higher you go, the tougher it is, for everything.
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