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Music Review: Revolver Rani

When you listen to the music of Revolver Rani, all you think is how edgy it is and chances are you might put it on a loop mode. Here is our review of the music of the upcoming movie…

The name says it all for Revolver Rani. And the overall music album comes across as an unusual mix. First time composer Sanjeev Srivastava should be cheered for his promising start. This 15 songs album jumps from genre to genre with ease and can be gladly called edgy. Puneet Sharma, Shaheen Iqbal and Piyush Mishra are the lyricist to watch out for here.
Alka, please apne aap ko surrender kar do. Police force ne tumhe charo ore se gher liya hai… Ha ha Ha.. Surrender? These words start the title song. You feel the 70s pulse from one of the thriller Hindi movies, with fantastic use of instruments like the bongs, trumpets and drums. Usha Uthup has had a blast singing it and gives it an edge. Puneet Sharma’s lyrics says it all for the film’s theme – Zehreeli tarannum ka hissa hai, Yeh shehar-e-jahannum ka qissa hai, Yahaan bandookon ke paas bhasha hai, Mohabbat ka khooni tamasha hai..Revolver Rani Ki thaayn, thaayn, thaayn, Hai jungli jawaani ki thaayn, thaayn, thaayn.
Thaayein Kare Katta sung by Piyush Mishra is crazy. This song written by Puneet about Rani has a typical desi feel to it with harmonium, ghunghroo and supported by guitar. Mishra’s voice adds to the UP-MP region music flavour. Have fun with lyrics like  Maut Ka Yahaan Jabar Strike Rate Hai, Giddh Aur Cheel Sabhi Over-Weight Hai…Chaand Jaise, Thobde Pe, Chechako Ke Daag Hai, Ishq Waali Paalti Mein Husn Waale Suraakh Hain.
Romantic, and so 60ish are the words for Shaheen Iqbal written Kaafi Nahin Chaand just blow you away with, courtesy its slow OP Nayyar style music and Asha Bhonsle’s voice. One can call it the best of the whole album. The use of harmonium, guitar, alto horn, accordion and the works don’t overwhelming the lyrics or singing.
Revolver Rani_lead
Piyush Mishra shows tashan while Abhishek Mukherjee and Mayur Vyas provide unusual chorus. Puneet Sharma written Chal Lade Re Bhaiyya is to Revolver Rani, what Hunter was to Gangs of Wasseypur. While you hear lyrics like Saanson Mein Hi Daudta Rahega Kya Khoon, Rotiyaan Hi Todta Rahega Kya Khoon, Aankhon Mein Nahi Jo Utra Lahu Agar, Laal Hai Ya Peela Yeh Kaise Padegi Khabar, you also marvel at the fusion of western and Indian beats.
Sulgi Hui Raakh, sung by Gorisa and Sanjeev Srivastava, reminds of Adhuri Yeh Kahaani from Gangster. Well sung, it is nothing great. We love the hummable wedding song Banna Banni, well sung by Rekha Bharadwaj. Despite being a situational song, the simplicity of music, singing and lyrics is very appealing.
I am Brutal. Yes, it is a song which confuses at the beginning, but you might end up loving it. A hardcore rock song, Sanjeev Srivastava goes the RD Burman path to give it a certain roughness. Its drum and electric guitar mix is fabulous. Sample the lyrics: I Am Not Bad, I Am Brutal My Baby, I Will Eat You Like Noodle My Baby, Have A Doubt Go and Google, Go and Google You Will Find.
We loved the electronic beats meets desi style meets love rock number Saawan Ki Aye Hawa, sung by Garima Aneja and Rahul Gandhi. Yes, that is the guy’s name who gives an unusual mumbling background vocal. It has heavy electronic beats, apart from harmonium, tablas and dholaks. Garima’s voice is perfect, with some love and lots of attitude. If you want to revisit the late 80s and early 90s Hindi film music, listen to Bol Raha Hai Payal. It starts with an interesting chorus which goes like Saajan Saajan Saajan Yun Aana Saajan, Saajan Saajan Saajan My Only Saajan. Avi Dutta sounds like Kumar Sanu, while Anwesha Dutta like Shreya Ghoshal. Both make the duet a delight.
It will be soothing to hear a Lori – Chanda Ki Katori. The female version has Garima Aneja singing with a soft touch, while Piyush Mishra sings the male version with equal ease. A war song, Pehle Lohe Ki Chingaari has a superb chorus singing it, with good use of drums and violins.
An amazing orchestra number, We Mix Michael Jackson sounds hilarious at first, but do listen to it. One of the happiest numbers, the song sung by Saleem Javed will be a hit, if you loved Emotional Atchyachaar. Another romantic number by Shaheen Iqbal, Zardozi Lamhe, also gives you the 90s romantic songs feel. Sung decently by Moin Sabri, it again has a good use of guitar, shehnai and sarangi. The last song is a reprise of the title song. We liked it still.
Sanjeev Srivastava’s music for Revolver Rani reminds you of Amit Trivedi and Sneha Khanwilkar, in terms of approach and not style. If this is a preview, we expect a lot. Get hold of this album fast.
Actors: Kangna Ranaut, Vir Das, Piyush Mishra, Zakir Hussain and Kumud Mishra
Music: Sanjeev Srivastava
Lyrics: Puneet Sharma, Shaheen Iqbal and Piyush Mishra