Carpooling Service: Let’s Ride

Are you as annoyed by the traffic situation in the city as we are? If yes, take a step to change it, by considering carpooling. We tell you more about ‘Let’s Ride’ a free social platform that helps users find companions to share a ride…

Driving to work seems like a task in itself! With heavy traffic and the pressure of reaching work on time, most drivers tend to be rash and pushy, changing lanes too frequently and doing everything possible in the pursuit of getting ahead as fast as possible. Almost every morning, around 9am, the vehicles on the road swell in numbers, only increasing each passing minute. While we all ask questions like, “Why can’t the traffic situation in the city get better?”, “When will people ever learn to drive properly?” or “When will Pune get better roads?”, the real question we should ask ourselves is, “What can I do to change the present traffic situation in the city?”.
Opting for public transport is an equally big hassle, so the only way out is carpooling. Instead of two people driving to the same destination in two different vehicles, why not drive together? Carpooling has various benefits; it reduces the number of vehicles on road, sharing fuel costs helps economically and there is lesser fuel consumption, helping reduce the carbon footprint in the city. A city-based startup, ‘Let’s Ride’, is working on similar lines, encouraging carpooling in the city.
IMG_9288The founder, Rajkumar Mundel, is an ex-IT professional, who left his job to start this social initiative. Along with him are Praveen Mane and Averi Pal Choudhury, all of whom have 5 years or more experience in the field of Information Technology. Let’s Ride is a free social platform created to find matching rides and begin taking the daily journey together. Their motto is “Connect-Commute-Change’. Let’s Ride also gives the users a chance to know each other and connect before going ahead with carpooling.
The website, launched on 23rd September 2013, has over 2000 registered users who share rides. To handle security issues, they allow the option of reviews, where users can give out as #good or #bad . They explain that trust issue is the primary concern for people when opting for carpooling with an unknown person, and connecting users through social media could change that. Thus, Let’s Ride also gives the option of looking into a fellow rider’s profile, which has all the information about the person, his/her ride-sharing network, etc.
Being part of Let’s Ride is very simple. It takes just 5 steps to start sharing a ride:
1. Sign up for
2. Fill your Daily Commute Details ( It takes just 30 Sec and helps you to get connected to people from Same Area or Same Company or Same Interest )
3. Search your route. e.g. “Aundh to Hinjewadi” to get matches of people travelling from Aundh to Hinjewadi, Pune.
4. You can pick from any of the matches and “Follow” the person.
5. Send a Private message with more details and Share a Ride.
For any more queries or inputs, Punekars can get in touch with the team at:
Phone: +91 9049361066
So, will you be sharing a ride, Punekars?