Much ado about Purab

Being a part of a film like Jal has been different experience for actor Purab Kohli, whose entire perception about acting changed with the film. Here is more about Purab and his just-released film, as we engage in a small chat with the actor…

Most of us have seen actor Purab Kohli shine on both the big and the small screen, since his television debut on Hip Hip Hurray. After being a VJ, we have also seen him in excellent films like My Brother Nikhil, Rock On!!, Bas Yun Hi and Awarapan. Each time, he has received rave reviews and of course, female fan followers. Now, we see him in the newly-released film Jal, in the lead role. The film directed by Girish Malik is about a water diviner Bakka, who comes to Rann of Kutch to search for water for the drought-hit area but gets involved in the man-made troubles. The troubles include helping an ornithologist in her efforts to save the flamingos and also the conflicts between individuals overshadowed by human emotions.
Purab Kohli
We are intrigued by the concept of the film but still feel one should ask him of what made him accept the film and his character and so we ask him the question. Purab agrees that it was a different take, from the day the director narrated it to him. “It is a beautiful story with beautiful emotions in it. For me, the story was just that. Call me dumb, but I didn’t realise the film is about scarcity of water from any angle. When I see it, in strange way, I could feel the emotions of the characters. The characters grip you.”
Purab is always seen playing an urban character. And it must have been tough shooting it. “The toughest part was the weather. The initial breakdown was that it was so hot and dusty. I have worked for 16-17 years, but Jal pushed the edge for me. For example, there was counter shot between the other actors standing above and I was taking the cue from the well. I was sitting on the plastic chair withthe cameras over me. It was 50 degrees Celsius and hot air is blowing outside. The same air was coming in the well and is twisting. And then, the super hot sand pellets came in and hit me like bullets. For the first time, I asked myself of why I wanted to be actor. Call it insanity that comes with hot sun or just fatigue of working in those conditions, I consider all this mystical. If you ask me now, I cannot tell you who Bakka is or say any of his dialogues. At that time, the environment contributed to the way he became and the way I acted.”
JAL PosterJal has been shown at quite a few film festivals. Purab’s favourite comment or reaction was people asking about the hero of the film. “It’s strange. They inquired – aapka hero kaun hai. There were inquires about the strong female characters. There were other interesting comments too, but I can’t discuss anything about them or I’ll give away the story. The strangest reactions were ‘I don’t want to have a bath with shower anymore. I don’t know where that came from. You will figure this out when you see the film. All in all, I have not seen an unfulfilled Jal watcher.”
Purab was previously seen in a blink-and-miss role in Shaadi Ke Side Effects. Purab asks fans not to be disappointed as Jal is now released. “As to Shaadi Ke…, it was Farhan to start off with. I had the opportunity to be a part of the film with him as an actor. I love Vidya. She is so amazing and a firecracker to work with. This is the first time I worked with her, though I know her a bit. I also liked the script. Saket (Choudhary) is a great director to work with as well. And the producers PNC and I always wanted to work with and this is a start.” And, do not fret as after Jal, his next film is Tere Aane Se, which is still in the shooting phase. Waiting for more of Purab Kohli…