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Why Puneri women wear scarves?

Have you ever stepped out of your house without your mobile phone? You must know how that feels. And that’s exactly how Puneri women feel upon stepping out without wearing a scarf. We explain why this accessory is a must-have for them…

I recently met a friend from another city (not mentioning the name for it promotes personal biases, ranging from “Tithli loka ashich astat!” to “XYZ city che people mhanje naa..”) after a long time. She is not a regular to Pune and, being a Punekar, the first question I decided to ask, (even before, “Long time! How have you been?”), was “How do you find the city?”. Instead of talking about the traffic, the pollution, the noise and the crowded streets, she directly started off with, “I don’t know.. It is okay I guess! But why do the women here wear scarves and roam around like terrorists?” Women!! Vicharla kay, bolte kay!
Being lukkha and curious about the answer to that, I decided to do some thinking on my own. I did not dare go up to a Puneri girl to get the answers for two reasons:

  1. I am not comfortable talking to females about their personal stuff such as scarves, clothes, jewellery, shoes, etc.
  2. Puneri women, like their male counterparts, never give a straight answer. I would surely have got answers like, “Ka re? You planning to start wearing a scarf too ka?” or “Ghal ha scarf! Sundar dishshil! It’ll suit you”.

So, here are a few reasons a Puneri guy could think of as to why scarves are a must-have for every Puneri chick…

1. Skin/Hair Care

If one were to find out which was the least polluted city in India, Pune would come somewhere at the bottom. The fairer sex is more concerned about their skin and do not want any sun damage (gori skin in India is like oil is to the US! Precious!). Thus, to protect her face from dhul, mitti and pollution (all the problems that fairness creams claim to address), Puneri women invest in a simple dupatta-like item called scarf. For women, it is a must while driving a two-wheeler (helmet nasli tari chalel). The same applies for hair!

2. No Unwanted Attention

Pune, like the rest of the country, is full of lukkha men, their favourite activity being bird-watching, of the homo-sapien species. The scarf helps avoid their hideous glare (just so you girls know, men do not care about what you wear. They will stare at you regardless of the scarf!). The scarf is a woman’s shield from unwanted attention!

3. PDA with BF

Am I the only one fed up of being a spectator to females clinging on to some chap on a bike and holding him like he’s going to fly away? Indulging in PDA (Public Display of Affection) in Pune, especially if you’re a localite, is risky business. You never know where you might end up meeting that gossip-monger aunty or those orthodox relatives. There is also a chance of running into your parents for god’s sake! Thus, the scarf comes handy, helping you go unnoticed when with a boyfriend or any other person of the opposite sex (who if spotted with you, is always assumed to be your lover. Somehow, they are unaware of something called friendzone, which most guys end up being in!).

4. Just for the heck of it!

Truth be told, I couldn’t come up with any more reasons! However, scarves are a good addition to a casual outfit. Imagine going out in your pyjamas on a bad hair day, without makeup and, you stumble upon your crush, friend or that chick you hate (it is imperative for a woman to look drop-dead gorgeous and annoy females they hate! Some kind of jealousy competition!). Scarves help you go unnoticed in these situations, letting you go out without caring about your looks! Yes, other women will pass comments, like ‘Those heels look so hideous with that outfit!’ but who cares, as long as they do not know it’s you!
If there are any more additions, feel free to add (without the tomne I mentioned earlier though). The next time someone asks me a question on scarves, I have an article to show and silence their queries! Back to being a man now, time for some drinks and ogling women. 🙂
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Why was this not practiced before 2000 or in 1980s. How did it start in around 2007-10 and later. It feels very narrow and alien.

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