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What Puneri Women Really Want

Our day. Our demands. This Women’s Day, Veethi Telang opens up on what the women of Pune really want from our beloved city.

The ability to eat an endless number of cupcakes and never get fat! There – I cracked it. No? Are we women ever satisfied with what we already have? Hell no. And for our beloved Pune city, we have a long way to go before we can call it the city of our dreams. Yeah yeah, we’re proud and all. But hey, we’re not perfect either. So, on the occasion of Women’s Day, I take the liberty to enlist five things that we, the proud Punekar women, demand in our city.

WE WANT: More Street Shopping Options/ International Brands

Honestly, I’m sick of running to Mumbai every time my wardrobe needs a makeover. While Mumbai has Colaba Cosway, Hill Road, Bandra, Fashion Street, Lokhanwala Road and Link Road, we’re stuck with FC road and Lakshmi Road. While Mumbai has Armani, Jimmy Choo and Paul Smith, we’re stuck with Tommy Hilfiger, Mango and Zara. Well, maybe more! But seriously, how long do we have to wait till we have a few luxury brands in one of our Puneri malls? Nonetheless, I’m hopeful. There will surely come a day when one of my Mumbaikar friends comes to Pune solely for the purpose of shopping.

WE WANT: Better and safer transport for women

Of the women, for the women and now, by the women too! Yes, it’s high time we had women auto drivers, women bus drivers and women cab drivers in our city. Mumbai is all set to have over 300 women auto drivers, whereas, women in Delhi and Bihar are ready to conquer the roads too! While our city has too many plans on hold already, I plead to the government to have women take on the streets of Pune for the sake of our safety. Truth be told, hi-tech GPS and credit card functionality can wait. Make us feel safe first.

WE WANT: People to stop staring at women smokers

Except for the lane adjacent to Vaishali where everybody including stray dogs is seen smoking regardless of the time of the day, women smokers are seen with an evil eye almost everywhere. Now, I understand if you stare at a woman if she’s wearing extremely short shorts. Or, maybe, when she’s having a bad hair day. But, when it comes to smoking, you don’t bother giving a second glance to man. So, why stare at a female smoker? It’s her choice. Let. Her. Be. The city is moving forward and so should you.

WE WANT: Men to stop taking women drivers for granted

No! All women are not bad drivers. And no, you can’t just take us for granted when on the road. We’re as capable of speeding our car as you are. When you see a woman approaching an intersection while you are too, it’ll be nice for a change if you don’t simply assume she’ll halt. And, just because it’s a woman behind the wheel does not mean you can bully your way ahead. Mark my words people, there are women drivers out there who are capable of surprising you on the streets and you don’t want to wait for that to teach you a lesson.

WE WANT: Everybody to stop expecting us to know household work

Yes, I still get those clichéd questions, “Haw! You still don’t know how to make rotis?”, “A woman of your age should learn to keep her kitchen clean”, and my favourite from my own mother, “When I was your age, I was already married and took care of the entire household”. Well, that doesn’t mean I must too, mom! Every woman has a right to set her own priorities. Today, women work as much as men do (sometimes, more). And if you expect us to clean our house and do the dishes right after reaching home, I’m very sorry. We have our own workplace battles to wage on a daily basis and we’d rather have someone else do it for us. Kaamwali maushi zindabad!
Can you think of anything else? Drop in a comment and we’ll see what can be done about it! Oh, and Happy Women’s Day.

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Better shopping options, yes! women drivers, yes, and expecting no household work, hell yes! 😛 Being a total punekar, I learnt to ride a scooty at the age of 12 so have traveled all around the city on one… because the public transport sucks! Even though I ove riding my scooty, I would love better public transport- like clean buses which are not the state of breaking down any minute! and politer rikshawalas with cheaper fare like Mumbai. That would be more convenient and safer for women who cannot ride/ drive or simply who don’t want to battle the traffic!

By saying “WE WANT: People to stop staring at women smokers” you are indirectly supporting smoking.
I strongly disagree with this!! Smoking by any one man or woman is dangerous and must not be encouraged.
Please stop following the west blindly!

And on top of that the writer says – “city is moving forward” ??? Does smoking by woman take it forward – is this progress?? Its going backward madam! I usually love reading articles on Punekar. But this the worst article x-|

I think you thouroughly misunderstood the writer. She expressly states that if men don’t get unwarranted attention while smoking, neither should women. Progress is when men and women are treated as equals, isn’t it? The point of smoking being used is only incidental. It stems from a more evolved thought process that you clearly lack, Mr. Extremely Annoyed.

I guess the fourth and the fifth point is too much demanding…EVERY…EVERY girl and women drivers are pathetic….absolutely no sense of the road…don pay latkun..activa ani scooty chalavtat….ani mhane saglech bad driver nastat….ghanta…if you give them a vehicle…its end of freedom for a regular male driver…
Secondly….”Everybody to stop expecting us to know household work”???????? wtf…. ya baykanna yeta kay ajun??? gosspi karaycha..back bitching…upkar kelyasarkha company madhe kam karaycha…saturday sunday la 12 vajta uthaycha….waste ayushya

The fact that you say that point 4 and 5 is too much demanding clearly shows your negligence in reading the heading of the topic. It is an article about women and their demands. The fact that you find these very demanding is expressed in a manner very derogatory to women. So we can imagine what women in your life must be dealing with everyday! A big hug and more power to those women. Peace and progress is the way forward.

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