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Voter Awareness Campaign in Pune

The election date is coming closer, and a NGO from Pune is going lengths to make Punekars aware about the importance of their right to vote. We tell you more about the Parivartan group and their drives planned all over the city…

The election date is coming closer with each passing day and political parties are going full swing to steer votes in their favour. Regardless of all the political drama that seems to be unfolding, the very basic rights of a citizen in a democratic country seem to go amiss. We are surrounded by two kinds of people:

  1. Ones who are passionate about a particular political figure, party or ideology and can be seen proclaiming it everywhere, on social networks or at hangouts with friends.
  2. Ones those who have no political affinity. They proudly proclaim, ‘Politics doesn’t interest them’ and walk out of every conversation that takes a political turn.

The commonality about the above-mentioned people can be surprising; both do not care to vote. While the former ones are clear hypocrites, for they voice their opinion but do not exercise that right where it matters most. The latter are in no way better than the former. It is okay to hate politics but voting is a citizen’s duty to his/her country and not towards a political system.
The election date for Pune is April 17 (mark it in your calendars if you haven’t already). The date has a special problem; 12th and 13th are days of the weekend, 14th is Ambedkar Jayanti, 15th is Hanuman Jayanti, 18th is Good Friday and the 19th and 20th fall on a weekend again. So, some might even consider taking an off on the 15th and 16th to enjoy a 10-day long holiday. If you are thinking on similar lines, think again!
To create awareness about voting, Google has come out with a special video of India’s first voter and believer in democracy since 1951. He has voted in every single election till date, and the video is truly inspiring, helping Google’s #PledgeToVote campaign. You can pledge to vote and share it on your social networking profiles by clicking here (
[embedvideo id=”IuXU989B2p8″ website=”youtube”]
On similar lines, a group from Pune is going out strongly to raise awareness about exercising the right to vote. The organisation is called Parivartan and has planned major voter awareness drives before the upcoming general elections from March 29 to April 16 in the city. Parivartan has worked hard for voters registration drive over the last year in collaboration with the Election Commission, Joint Director of Higher Education and NSS Pune University. They were able to reach out to 55,000 citizens of Pune through the campaign and were successful in getting a majority of them enrolled in the process.

They plan something similar for the upcoming elections. With an aptly named iVote Campaign, they plan to carry out the following activities:
Campaign on the streets of Pune:
·major Public traffic Roads
·Major Public traffic chowks (Squares)
Campaign at different public places
·Parks, etc.
3. Campaign at different colleges (Inside / outside).
4. Freeze mob.
5. Pathanatya / Nukkad Natak.
6. iVote run/ walk
7. Walk and talk (Quiz – Chalta Bolta).
8. Informative short films/ Videos to be published over Social media.
9. Approaching different service companies to showcase “Vote Appeal” messages on their Websites before the elections.

Parivartan- ivote Voting awareness drive - loksabha 2014 scheduleThe ultimate goal behind these activities is to reach out to maximum people and make them aware of their “Right, duty and responsibility towards the country”.

If you wish to volunteer with them or support their cause, here are their contact details:
Phone: 8308305511
Facebook Page:
So, inspired to vote? Let us know…