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Turkish and Lebanese delights

Do you wish to know how Turkish and Lebanese actually tastes like? Head over to JW Marriott Hotel Pune on Senpati Bapat Road where a festival is being held till March 16…

You must have heard a lot about the cuisines and some might have sampled them but it is a different thing to sample authentic Turkish and Lebanese delights. Punekars can rejoice as JW Marriott Hotel Pune on Senpati Bapat Road is presently hosting the festival called Lebanese and Turkish Delicacies and they have brought down a special chef all the way from Abu Dhabi. The festival is being held at Pasha, Spice Kitchen and Shakahari till March 16th and you will be served the authentic tastes, courtesy Chef Chadi Terro from Potana Beach Hotel in Abu Dhabi.
Many of us might have eaten the watered versions of mostly Lebanese food at some small place, but this is one chance to taste authentic middle-eastern food from Lebanon. Turkish food has always been a thing of wonder for most but never heard of being served here. At JW Marriott Pune, you can get to taste the delights from Lebanon, Turkey and North-west Frontier. The Turkish dishes will be a reflection of the Ottoman cuisines which had a fantastic amalgamation of Central Asian, Middle-Eastern and Balkan food style. Chef Terro adds, “The two cuisines are similar in terms of spices. While they dry the spices out in Turkey, the same are toasted in Lebanon. It is all about the climate there. While one calls a particular kind of kebab as Doner Kebab in Turkey, it is called Shawarma in Lebanon. Even the olive oil is different in these regions.” He expressed his delight in being able to source few good authentic ingredients like Tahini, olive oil and so on, in Pune.

Some of the signature dishes to be found at the festival include Turkish Doner, Tabulleh, Baklava, Street-style Falafel, Beiruti Spiced Grilled Fish, Turkish Arrayess and so on. Talking about Falafel, Chef Terro says, “It is common in both the countries, though it has origins in Egypt. In many countries, they even use kidney beans as filling. The basics might be the same but the one in Turkey is smaller.” He appreciates the fact that Falafel is loved here and is cooked in an unique Indian fashion.
Head towards Spice Kitchen for the special chow priced at Rs. 1,100 plus taxes and you will find live stations in the outer deck area. The buffet at Shakahari is priced at Rs. 1,000 all inclusive and you will also get the chance in the buffet to try out the Lebanese salads and North-west Frontier cuisine. You will find an exclusive A La Carte menu at Pasha. Those interested can visit the eateries in JW Marriott Hotel Pune, Senapati Bapat Road between 7pm-11.30pm. You can call 020-66833333 for reservations.

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