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The 8-8-8 Run

Do you wish to stand up for the cause of safety of women after nightfall? Run for the cause, as we tell you about the 8km run organised on 8th March i.e. Women’s Day at 8pm…

Comparatively speaking, Pune is considered to be a safe city. The crime rate here, when compared to its neighbour Mumbai, is lesser and the number of untoward incidents against women is far fewer than those seen in the national capital, Delhi. The question, however, remains the same – is ‘comparatively safer’ good enough?
Many of us youngsters still have to abide by the ‘7 chya aat gharat’ rule, which dictates us to come back home before nightfall. And for girls, it’s even stricter! No matter how much you consider our city to be a safe ground for our women, many families would still refrain from taking the risk, won’t they?
Now, if you’re a Punekar woman reading this, you might disagree with the above statement. We all party during the weekends, stay out till midnight and feel free and safe around your friend circle. But, doesn’t the thought of your safety linger at the back of your mind? It sure does. And so, it is time we help create an atmosphere where women feel safe, whether it’s day or night. Pune Running, in an endeavour to build a city where a woman is not afraid to step out of her house in the dark, have organised an 8km run, on the occasion of Women’s Day.
The 8km run, which is organised on 8th March at 8pm (aptly named the 8-8-8 run), hopes to bring together all the men and women in the city to run for the cause of women safety. The venue for the run is Magarpatta city parking area, in front of Tower 6. By taking part in the run, women will be expressing their freedom to run fearlessly in the dark, while men will participate to pledge their support. Plus, you’ll be taking a step towards good health too! Isn’t that a win-win?
Following are the details of the event to help you be a part of it. The best part is, it’s open for all. So will you be running for a change, Punekars?
Venue: Magarpatta City, Parking area, In front of tower 6
When: Saturday, March 8, 2014 (International Women’s Day)
Google Map Link:
Reporting time: 7pm
Run end: Approx. 9:30pm
To register visit: OR
Contact: Renu Singh: 9823333140; Utpal Barman 9890306456