Hyderabadi Menu @ Zambar

Zambar recently unveiled its Hyderabadi Menu and The Punekar was invited by Food Bloggers of India (FBAI) for a tasting. Here is how the experience went…

Zambar, located on the second floor of Phoenix Market City is known for its South Indian cuisine, specialising in sea food. However, they decided to try something different, and decided to host a Hyderabadi Food Festival. In association with the Food Bloggers Association of India (FBAI), Zambar unveiled a selection of dishes that reflect the nawabi influence of the South. Here is how our experience went…
[divider ]Ambience[/divider]

Image Credits: Mr Shri

The interiors of Zambar are made to look like a Kerala House Boat, with tables placed in and outside the boat-like structure. The lighting too goes with the ambience, with lamps enhancing the overall feel. The place is good for a quiet meal after one is done with all the shopping in the huge mall  (so huge I always get lost and have to walk around asking for directions).

[divider ]Food and Drinks[/divider]
Here is the list of the food we had:
Welcome drink:
Rassam Soda (quite different. Can be gulped like a shot but we recommend you go slow, for one is not used to the taste)
Aloo Ke Garley (passable)
Chicken Tikka (okay!)
Shikampuri Kebabs (a very different dish, a must try. However, the first serving was a little dry and not as one expects. The mistake was corrected in the second serving, which was soft as one would like, but the difference is definitely baffling!)
Dahi wada (passable)
Main Course:
Achari Murg (good dish. The chicken was soft but again, not too impressive)
Machchli Ka Salan (quite okay.)
Mirch Ka Salan (though the dish might look scary, and one might not dare to try it looking at the size of the mirchi, but its pleasantly good. Not too spicy at all!)
Kofta Curry (again, not as great as I would have liked)
Malabar Parathas (personally, I would have liked the butter nan better than these. Passable!)
Chicken Biryani (quite okay. Again, not upto the expectation I had, especially since it is synonymous to Hyderabadi cuisine)

Qubani Ka Meetha (okay)
Double Ka Meetha (depends on your taste, I found it too sweet! However, the dish is quite unique and hardly seen anywhere in Pune, so worth a try!)
[divider ]Verdict[/divider]
The Hyderabadi Festival at Zambar definitely doesn’t live up to its expectations, since the restaurant is known to set high standards in terms of its Kerala cuisine. Although the chef went to great lengths to include unique dishes and prepare it in an authentic way, the effort wasn’t seen with the taste. The food is served quite wonderfully and looks tempting enough, the rates too are quite okay, but taste nahi toh kuch nahi! If you do end up in Pheonix and stumble upon the place, we do recommend a visit but if possible, try a Kerala dish or if you do want to try the Hyderabadi menu, we suggest you save up for biryani.
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