European Marathi Sneh Sammellan

The European Marathi Sneh Sammellan is an unique way to celebrate Marathi culture in Europe. It will be held this time in Aberdeen, Scotland from March 18-20 and will showcase Marathi art and culture to Maharashtrians settled abroad. We tell you more about the event…

Marathi art and culture has been taking unusual footsteps, especially abroad where Maharashtrian families have gone for work. Europe is steadily seeing a growth in Marathi population. And you have the European Marathi Sneh Sammellan which has been taking place in different parts of Europe. This year, the Sammellan is set to take place in Aberdeen, Scotland from March 18-20 and will have veteran actor Dilip Prabhavalkar as the chief guest. The aim of the organisers is to encourage Marathi culture to those staying in Europe. At the press conference to announce the event details, the Sammellan’s logo was also revealed. It has been organised by the Organizing Committee of European Marathi Sneh-Sammellan or EMSS along with Pune-based Calyx Media and Entertainment. whitelilynightrider
Apart from the various Marathi events organised, the event will also play host to a traditional Scottish dance, to showcase the culture of the host city. Mukta Aphale of EMSS said that the local talent will be encouraged to participate in the programme. Along with Prabhavalkar, other big names would be actor-filmmaker Mahesh Manjrekar and acclaimed actress Rima. The highlight of the inaugural function would be Prabhavalkar’s special one-act performance Chimanrao Te Gandhi. One will also witness the premier of actor-director Kiran Yadnyopavit’s upcoming film Salaam. White Lily, Night Rider, an acclaimed play starring Sonali Kulkarni (senior) and Milind Phatak is another star attraction.
The second day will end with a chat with cricketing legend Dilip Vengsarkar. On the last day, a special celebrity chat will be the attraction, with participation of Dilip Prabhavalkar, Mahesh Manjrekar, Rima, Sonali Kulkarni (senior) and Girish Kulkarni and will be anchored by actor Hrishikesh Joshi. The grand finale will be a musical finale with participation by Hrishikesh Ranade, Savani Ravindra and some local talents. Actress Spruha Joshi will be anchoring the events, along with Vaibhav Joshi and Milind Kulkarni.
Speaking about the festival, Dilip Prabhavalkar related his experience about participating in Sammellan 3-4 years back. “It was in Zurich and my play’s first show took place there. Only when it was appreciated there, we decided to perform it in India. They celebreate all festivals and cultural events in Europe. This time, I will be showing a few characters of mine and talking about them. But after my programme, I will be a part of the audience and enjoy the events that are scheduled.”
Actress Reema will also be performing for this Sammellan for the second time. Her first performance was in Paris where she had performed a play by Girish Karnad. “Here, you get instant response at these events. Also, during the talk session, we can have nice chat sessions with the audience. I am coming for these experiences. I will be more relaxed as I do not have any performance.”
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