The Tastiest Food Portal Online: GourmetItUp

If you want to get special treatment in terms of exclusive culinary and online concierge service at restaurants, GourmetItUp is the website for you. Cofounder Deepa Jain reveals more of the website…

Acclaimed Danish chef René Redzepi won our hearts with an apt statement – people will travel anywhere for good food – it’s crazy. Indians, especially Punekars, are known to visit their favourite outlets at any given time for their cravings. But sometimes, you want to try something new at a price which raises your appetite. happens to be THE web portal for your food needs. The young couple behind it, Kunal and Deepa Jain, provide exclusive culinary and online concierge service to foodies. First launched in Mumbai and a roaring success, they have now arrived to Pune with their website.
GourmetItUp SnapshotSpeaking to The Punekar about this endeavour, Deepa Jain, the co-founder, recalls the enterprise coming in existence, due to constant frustration from the lack of new and interesting things to do in Mumbai. “We were bored of eating at the same restaurants, ordering the same dishes from the same menus and didn’t really find value in going out just for something to eat. We shared this feeling with a majority of consumers we surveyed. And so, one day, we decided to create a resource that would enable consumers to experience new food opportunities in the city.” is an amazing experience for foodies, wherein, exciting dining experiences will be made available at fair prices. “We are very selective about the restaurants that we partner with, take great care to create unique, well-balanced yet experimental dining experience at every restaurant and take our customer service and feedback very seriously,” Deepa reveals. “Booking your dining experience is a very simple process. Firstly, you make a reservation on the website by becoming a member for free. There’s no need for you to print out vouchers; just mention your name when you reach the restaurant and a table will be waiting for you with GourmetItUp special menus. You also pay the restaurant directly after your experience and get Gourmet Points that can be exchanged for exciting gourmet rewards”, she explains.
In India, the hospitality industry is growing at a tremendous rate and Pune is surely a foodies’ paradise. One does wonder what made drop its anchor at Pune, as compared to going to cities like Delhi which have a fairly larger market. “Pune’s restaurants seem to be more open to experimentation in comparison to other cities across India and this has us extremely excited about the opportunity to curate dining experiences without constraints. Delhi will be our next stop but it’s a very different market than Pune or Mumbai. Pune’s young population makes them more experimental in nature but diners in Mumbai and Pune are willing to go that extra mile to ensure they have a great time when eating out,” Deepa explains.
Kunal & Deepa Jain-Founders GourmetItUp“Our experiences are meant to give diners a high quality and satisfactory meal. The actual price is always much lower than an ala carte dish. We are open to working with a broad spectrum of restaurants as long as we are confident that the restaurant partner is quality conscious and can ensure a great experience”, she adds.
Deepa concludes by saying, “Puneites can expect unique dining experiences that range from 6-10 course tasting menus, meals paired with a set of wines, master classes and wine tasting events. Pune gets a platform that allows its residents to sample the best that its restaurant industry has to offer. Diners will be able to enjoy high-quality dining at their convenience, with their friends and family in a comfortable way. On top of this, our strong feedback loop ensures that diners have a say in shaping the evolution of their city’s dining scene. We have partnered with some of the best eateries in Pune and look forward to partnering with many other restaurants as well.” Some food for thought, eh!