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Most non-vegetarians in the city love spicy Indian, Thai, Chinese and Continental varieties. However, as time progresses, the taste gets a little repetitive and home-cooked meals, with their special flavours, take the upper hand. In Maharashtra, Kolhapuri, Gavaran, Saoji and Maratha cuisines are a clear favourite and so, there’s no wonder there are lots of restaurants opening up that offer specialty dishes. What most people forget, is the CKP style cuisines. It is spicy and slightly different from the usual Maharashtrian non-veg dishes. And, if you haven’t tasted it yet, you’re missing out on something wonderful. The restaurants offering these dishes are scarce, hence, why not look here Cloves Catering is a welcome respite, in case you do not have CKP friends to give you the taste of their wonderful home-made meals. The Order:

I ordered the dishes in small portions, as I was the only one who had a huge appetite. Although my companions did not hog as much as I did, the quantity was enough to suffice the appetite of three people. However, if you are going to order from Cloves, ensure it’s a large order, enough to make five or more people full. Most of their wonderful dishes won’t be available in small portions, as you’ve only got the options for half or full kg meals. I would specially recommend them if you’re going for big orders, for a family meal or a house party.

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Sukka Mutton
Mutton Kheema Pattice
Surmai Fish Fry

Get the facts Main Course:

Chicken Dum Biryani
Khichadi Kolambichi (A CKP speciality. Rarely available at restaurants in the city)
Prawn Curry

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ler o livro online namoro blindado Solkadhi Verdict:

As I am allergic to prawns, I won’t be writing much about the kolambichi (Marathi for prawns) khichdi and prawns curry. My companions who tasted it, loved it, leaving most of the mutton and chicken dishes for me. craigslist new york women seeking men Kolambichi Khichdi is a typical CKP dish and its taste is just as unique. Even those who are not too fond of seafood liked it. Meanwhile, the   Prawns Curry was equally tasty but not too different from other restaurants which offer this dish across the city. It tasted wonderful with chapati and rice. The Solkadhi too I cannot comment on much as I’m not too fond of the drink. You can try it out for yourself.

The Chicken Biryani was good, not the usual Hyderabadi or Mughlai (heavily spiced ones that most restaurants serve in the city) styles. The chicken was wonderfully cooked and soft, tasting well with the rice. My favourite, however, was the Mutton Sukka and the Mutton Kheema Pattice. The pattice was wonderful, so wonderful I just cannot describe how it tasted! It is brilliant and goes down wonderfully as a snack. The sukka and Surmai Fish Fry were great too, very close to the home-made ones I have had.

To sum it up, Cloves is a good option if you’re looking for typical CKP dishes in large quantities. Give it a try!


(Note: The images were provided to us by Cloves Catering and may differ from the dishes we ordered)

Address: Aundh, Pune

Timings: Monday-Sunday 9:00AM – 9:00PM

Contact: 9175559810,

Facilities: Takeaway, catering, home delivery

Speciality: CKP Cuisine, Seafood, Biryani (Place orders one day prior)