Aatman: Jewelled Designs

Want some jewellery which has a touch of tradition and hint of modernity? Check out Aatman, a place where you can find your kind of jewellery, online. Owner Asmita Javadekar speaks about her venture…

We Indians are specially prone to going weak on our knees for jewellery. Punekars are not averse to this Indian trait and a lot of shops are catering to this Puneri obsession. Aatman is an artistic-yet-ethnic jewellery store for online shopping. Apart from having a website, it also has an active Facebook page where you can browse through the pieces and make your selection easily. It is run by the young Asmita Javdekar.
Asmita prefers calling her enterprise an exclusive online store for ladies with a penchant for all things jewellery. She has an open house on the last Saturday of every month. “I launched Aatman some time in late 2012. Actually, my mother has always been fond of jewellery and would always make some trinkets for me and my sister. Since she is from a royal family, she knew the jewellers well. But the thing was that my sister and I did not believe in donning heavy jewellery. So, she made sure she always got me something wearable. The jewellers were not into such things but would do it because they knew her.” Thus, the siblings got little jewellery in silver which were appreciated everywhere. This pushed Asmita and her mother to go further and hold an exhibition in Deccan where their products were sold in a jiffy. One thing led to another and Asmita, who had collected quite some jewellery pieces, photographed them and put them just to showcase on her personal Facebook page. Queries came in along with some appreciation and it all began from there.

“That is why I started the Facebook page of Aatman, apart from the site. I source jewellery from a lot of places and am getting connected to people and the karigars who are well-versed with their work. We are mostly into silver and copper items”, she reveals. She prefers calling her jewellery pieces very simple, aesthetic and with a strong traditional background. Since quite a few have a classic touch, Asmita feels people well above 30 years of age are her prominent customers. But, good taste runs through all age groups.
Earrings are the bestsellers apart from neckpieces. The reason is simple – you do not have to take any measurements for them, unlike rings. “I personally like traditional Maharashtrian designs which are typical. But, we give a twist to it. We are into modified designs.” She is overwhelmed by the response received from people and the interest in buying her creative jewellery. Her clientele is majorly middle-class people, especially those from the IT sector who find it easy to shop online from their workplace. They also opt more for the Cash on Delivery option.
With a smile, Asmita quips that it is not tough to have a business like this in the city, despite the presence of so many traditional jewellery stores. “We are a different segment and I believe my collection is unique. If you have a stronghold over something, you are well-received”, she says. Her collection ranges between Rs 800-55,000.
With the great response, one can help being ambitious. Asmita has a lot in store for Aatman (pun very much intended). Firstly, by the end of February, she’s planning on launching a jewellery studio. “We are also planning a Peshwa line and are in talks with a few historians, including Babasaheb Purandare. We are researching about the kind of jewellery women wore then and are trying to make them simpler. We are also in the process of launching the nath collection.” Another ambition of hers, is launching a jewellery travelogue where one can discover about local jewellery and the culture reflected in those parts. She would love to cover four cities in a year. Let’s say, three cheers to Asmita and her unique designs.

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