T-20 Hypothetical League, Pune

Imagine if Pune had a league of its own, rivaling that of the IPL. Sounds unimaginable right? Here is a hypothetical take on the idea, as we tell you how things will turn out in Pune’s very own T20 league…

In December 2009, it was proposed to start off a hypothetical T-20 league in Pune featuring 20 teams. A preliminary idea was proposed in this article.Based on this proposal and building on 4 years of research into locations and bases for the teams, the Pune Municipality has hypothetically approved and given a green light to the formation of this league. The long pending approval was finally given a hypothetical go ahead following indecision over the involvement of (Be)Sahara Pune Warriors  in the upcoming IPL after the fallout between Sahara and BCCI.
Explaining why the formation of the league took so many years to come to fruition, board member Jajwal Kisskar said “Not enough teams had registered since half of the playing and watching population disappeared to the exotic stadium at Gahunje. However since this year participation of Pune was uncertain, and even in case of participation, there was to be a boycott of the IPL team -due to it being a blot on the face of the city, which accelerated the creation of the league”. It seems that Punekars have finally lost patience with the so called superstars who, judging by their performance over the past 3 seasons (when the franchise was a part of IPL), were next in line to have full time access rights on the hallowed turfs on the road outside Shanipar– as per a few flexes put up in Peth areas. That said, given the fact that IPL cheerleaders and superstars from other teams and other eye candy won’t be coming to the town, the only way to keep Punekar busy during what are otherwise blazingly hot  weeks of April and May was to organize a hypothetical local T-20 tournament.

PWI Hopeless

The added logic behind this move, as per sources, is to distract Punekars to sports so that perennial issues which plague the city during these months- such as load shedding, power cuts, drying up of dams to drought level situations, rave parties, urinary riverflows, engineering exams, annual brain drain to US and other controversial issues do not make unwanted headlines on the front pages of local newspapers such as Dupaar, Pune Horror, etc.
The decision to form the league was passed after a unanimous vote of confidence given to its formation in a recently concluded meeting held at Sarasbaag Padva Pahat Samaroha between the Mayor, Corporators, Nagarsevaks and other non working politicians and dignitaries from various wards. The league will be headquartered at the Bhaurao Phanas Ground, although the ground won’t be utilized for playing any matches other than the final. The committee of Board of Members was created during the meeting as well and consists of famous political and apolitical faces from the city. The committee will be headed by Mr. Umesh Gultekdi who is known as the Pappa of Sports in Pune, and was singlehandedly responsible for getting the city onto the global sporting arena with fiascos such as 6-CYG(ma). Various other corporators, leaders and personalities from  media houses complete the team. Rushicase Kaanneetkar, of the last ball 4 against Pakistan fame, is also included on the team as a Technical Advisor.  A complete list of the board members is given below:
Umesh Gultekdi – President
Shirish Chapat- Vice President
Sunil Charole- Director
Udyan Doshi- Treasurer
Jajwal Kisskar- Publicity and Outreach
Paradweep Chawat- Publicity and  Outreach
Chandrakant Tusar- Infrastructure
Nohit Thalak- Media Outreach and spokesperson.
Aadhuri Pisal- Sponsorship.
Mapak Dinkar- Stadium Maintenance.
Rushicase Kaanneetkar- Technical Advisor.
Other board members with negligible voting rights include remaining corporators and nagarsevaks.
As of now, 20 teams from geographically different areas of the city have been selected representing areas as diverse as Sadashiv Peth, Kasba Peth, Mandai, Parvati, Ganeshkhind, Cantt,Katraj, etc. Matches will take place over 3 months in a round robin league format similar to the EPL, with the top 4 teams qualifying for the semifinals. As of now the dates and schedule for the tournament is yet to be released, but sources tell that it is most likely going to be a direct competition to the IPL, since it is believed no one will watch it as Sachin, Dravid and Dada wont be a part of it. The matches will be played all day on the home grounds of various teams. Places such as Ramanbaug, Mahatma Phule Mandai, Nehru Stadium, Deccan Gymkhana etc will be used as stadiums by the various teams. Each team will contain a squad of about 22 players, although in emergency situations they may be able to draft people only from the wards which they represent. Players will be played on a post-paid basis depending on how they perform throughout the tournament. Bidding for players will be held on a date approved by the University of Pune and Pune Municipality making sure there is no clashes with any practicals or any Bandhs. Players appearing for Engineering exams will be given a special consent to give the exam in December without a backlog in their academic record if they don’t do well in the May exams.
We compiled a list of the teams, their home grounds, practice grounds, Snacks and drinks, sponsors and specialities of each team. Have a go through the teams. Support the team with with your heart and tastes as well, for all winners of lucky draw at home contests will be given a free voucher at the restaurants and joints serving the team snacks and team drinks!
1) SSN Frugals (Sadashiv Shaniwar Narayan Frugals)
Home team for: Sadashiv, Shaniwar Narayan Peths
Home ground: SP College Maidan, Ramanbaug.
Practice grounds: Scout Ground.
Sponsors: Chitale Dairy
Team Snack: Bedekar Misal
Team Drink: Sujata Mastani
Team Motto: Jo sutte paise deil tyala match pass miltil.
Broadcast partners: Vijay Talkies, Alka Talkies
Kit Provider: Ramesh Dying.
Head Cheerleader: Smt. Kaveribai Chimanrao Jog. “Kautai”; Mrunmayi Deshpande
2) Mandai Makads
Home team for: Shukrawar Peth, Budhwar Peth, Guruvar Peth.
Home Stadium: Mahatma Phule Mandai.
Sponsors: Varpe Bandhu Naralwale
Team Snack: Shrikrushna Misal
Team Drink: Indrayani Rasavanti Gruha Usacha Ras.
Team Motto:Amcha Ganapati Sharada Ganapati
Head Cheerleader: Sunny Vahini Dhumal-Patil.
Kit Provider: Tulshibag(Maharashtra) Sportswear
Broadcast Partners: Vasant Talkies, Ratan Talkies.
3) Hadapsar Hippos
Home team for: Hadapsar, Kondhwa, Mundhwa, Wanowrie
Home Stadium: Aditi Gardens, Magarpatta.
Practice grounds:Anna Saheb Magar ground
Sponsors: Magarpatta Developers
Team Snack: Amanora Developers.
Team Drink: Gujar Mastani.
Team Motto: Ek saath- HADAPSAR!
Broadcast Partners: Pvr Cinemas
Kit Provider: Ipassion Sports.
Head Cheerleader: Poonam tai Sasane
4) Kothrud Kutras
Home team for: Kothrud, Karve Nagar, Karve Road, Nalstop, Warje
Home Stadium: Krishnasundar Lawns
Practice grounds: Jog school ground
Sponsors: DG Foundation.
Team Snack: Sweekar Snacks/Mankar Dosa
Team Drink: CAD-M/CAD-B
Team Motto: Kothrud che Kokrus
Head Cheerleader: Kumudini Karve
Kit Provider: Goodwill Hosiery
Broadcast Partners: Citypride Kothrud, Yashwantrao Chavan Natyagruha
5) Parvati Popats
Home team for: Parvati, SahakarNagar, Neelayam, Sarasbag, Satara Road
Home Stadium: Fulora Maidan
Practice grounds: Relax(Stratigic discussion), Taljai(Actual Practice).
Sponsors: Relax Pav Bhaji.
Team Snack: Relax Pav Bhaji
Team Drink: Relax Chickoo Shake
Team Motto: Ayushyabhar RELAX
Kit Provider: North Point, Parvati
Head Cheerleader: Abhya Kulkarni-Bagul
Broadcast Partners: Relax, Neelayam, Laxminarayan
6) Deccan Dukkars
Home team for: Deccan, Prabhat Road, Law College Road, Bhandarkar Road, BMCC Road, Karve Road upto Nalstop.
Home Stadium: PYC Gymkhana
Practice grounds: PYC, Law college ground.
Sponsors: Champion Sports
Team Snack: Appa chi Khichadi
Team Drink: Irani Chai, Goodluck
Team Motto:Gar vaare, Nadi Kinaare
Kit Providers: Champion Sportswear
Head Cheerleader: Indrayani Dakshine.
Broadcast Partners: R-Deccan
7) Fergussonian Firangs
Home team for: FC Road, Remaining parts of deccan, Model Colony, Agricultural college Road, SB Road.
Home Stadium: Fergusson College Ground
Practice grounds: Chittaranjan Vatika, Fergusson chi Tekdi.
Sponsors: Vaishali Restaurant
Team Snack: SPDP
Team Drink: Roopali Coffee extra kadak.
Team Motto: F**k the rest, we are the best yaa.
Head Cheerleader: Salonee Hotkarni
Broadcast Partners: Kimaya, FC Road, R-Deccan
Kit Providers: Tilak Sports.
8) Paud Road Roadies
Home team for: Paud Road, Ideal Colony, Bhusari Colony
Home Stadium: MIT college ground
Practice grounds: Ideal Colony
Sponsors: Vanaz
Team Snack: Chaitanya Paratha
Team Drink: Durga Cold Coffee
Team Motto: Rasta Bapacha, gadi bungawaaa
Head Cheerleader: Anandi Kulkarni
Kit Provider: MG Sports
Broadcast Partners: City Pride Kothrud, Yashwantrao Chavan
9) Ganeshkhind Gorillas
Home team for: Ganeshkhind Road, Baner, Aundh, Khadki
Home Stadium: Range Hill
Practice grounds: Government Polytechnic ground
Sponsors: E-Square
Team Snack: Kadhai
Team Drink: Coffee stop
Team Motto: GG ka team na gaon ka na ghar ka
Head Cheerleader: Parmila Singh Mukherjee
Kit Provider: Natekar Sports
Broadcast Partners: E-Square
10) Kasba Kavalas
Home team for: Kasba Peth, Somwar, Mangalwar and Rasta Peth
Home Stadium: Santaji Ghorpade Stadium, Juna Bazaar
Practice grounds: Juna Bazaar
Sponsors: Nakoda Metalworks
Team Snack: Shahji’s Paratha
Team Drink: Jay Bajarang Raswanti Gruha
Team Motto:Amhi prachin Punekar
Head Cheerleader: Pureka Sunekar
Kit Provider: AG Kachi & Sons
Broadcast Partners: Appolo Talkies
11) Swargate Travellers:
Home team for: Swargate, Marketyard, Mukundnagar
Home Stadium: Nehru Stadium
Practice grounds: Marketyard
Sponsors: Gultekdi Marketyard Sangha
Team Snack: Panchami Veg.
Team Drink: Swaminath Milkshake
Team Motto: Ya Ravji, tumhi Bus-a-bhavji.
Head Cheerleader: Swargatee Barate
Kit Provider: Nu Life Sportswear
Broadcast Partners: City Pride Satara Road, Ganesh Kala Krida Mancha
12) Cantonment Campers
Home team for: Camp, Wanowrie, Kondhwa
Home Stadium: Pune Race Course
Practice grounds: St. Vincent’s Ground
Sponsors: Dorabjee’s
Team Snack: Budhani Wafers, Marzorin Sandwich
Team Drink: Clover Juice Centre- Pineapple juice
Team Motto: “Here we come YZs”
Head Cheerleader: Amruta Arore-Patil
Kit Provider: Planet Sports
Broadcast Partners: Westend
13) Shivajinagar Psychos
Home team for:  Shivajinagar, JM Road, Apte Road, Bhamburda
Home Stadium:  CoEP ground
Practice grounds: Agricultural college Ground
Sponsors: Shruti Mangal Karyalay
Team Snack: Modern Cafe Puri Bhaji
Team Drink: Shrikrushna Juice Center
Team Motto: Chaahe Koi mujhe Junglee Maharaj kahe
Head Cheerleader: Mangala Bhamburdekar
Kit Provider: Deccan Sports
Broadcast Partners: Mangala, Rahul
14) Hinjewadi Hagglers
Home team for: Hinjewadi IT Park
Home Stadium: Hinjewadi Park
Practice grounds: Infosys Basketball Court
Sponsors: Infosys
Team Snack: Tamanna Cafeteria
Team Drink: Tamanna Cafeteria
Team Motto:Aytit ala, ITeet gela
Head Cheerleader: Tanisha Sahasragupt Kohli
Kit Provider: SS Sports
Broadcast Partners:Capriccio Movie Theater
15) Bohri Ali Brainiacs
Home team for: Ravivar Peth, Ganesh Peth, Ghorpade Peth, Nana Peth, Bhavani Peth
Home Stadium: Ghorpade Udyan
Practice grounds: Timber Market
Sponsors: Bohri Ali Hardware Shop Union
Team Snack: Purohit Sweets
Team Drink: Kela Tea Centre
Team Motto: “Inshallah We Rock”
Head Cheerleader: Sakina Nusrat ul Jaan
Kit provider: Traxindia
Broadcast Partners: Alpana, Bharat
16) KP Partywallas
Home team for: Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar
Home Stadium: JN Petit School Ground
Practice grounds: ABC Farms
Sponsors: YZS Associates
Team Snack: Burger King
Team Drink: Frappy
Team Motto: “Rock On at the HRC!!!”
Head Cheerleader: Annie Chunawala
Kit Provider: LD Bhave & Sons
Broadcast Partners: Hardrock Cafe
17) Balewadi Badaks
Home team for: Balewadi,Sus, Pashan, Bavdhan
Home Stadium:  Chhatrapati Shivaji Stadium, Balewadi
Practice grounds: Scientist Hostel ground, Pashan
Sponsors: Charan Sweets, Gol Market
Team Snack: Joshi Wadewale
Team Drink: CCD Chandani Chowk
Team Motto: “CYG(ma) 6 stadium!”
Head Cheerleader: Sanaatai Bhutte
Kit Provider: Natekar Sports
Broadcast Partners: Chhatrapati Shivaji Sports Complex, Kalam Auditorium
18) Katraj Kolhas
Home team for: Katraj, Bibwewadi, Padmavati, Dhankawadi
Home Stadium: Bharati Vidyapeeth Ground
Practice grounds: Rajas Society
Sponsors: D-Mart
Team Snack: D-Mart
Team Drink: D-Mart
Team Motto: Saap ala kadhi an dasla kadhi
Head Cheerleader: Janabai Jugad
Kit Provider: Atharva Sportswear
Broadcast Partners: Citypride Satara Road
19) Vitthalwadi Warriors
Home team for: Vitthalwadi, Sinhagad Road, Wadgaon, Dhayari
Home Stadium: Sinhagad Institute of Technology, Ground
Practice grounds: Bhidebaag(Abhiruchi)
Sponsors: Venkateshwara Hatcheries
Team Snack: Annapurna Wadewale
Team Drink: Kailash Juice Bar, SIT
Team Motto: Budruk, Khurda, Hingane, Bingane, saglikade fakta Vittha Vitthal
Head Cheerleader: Irawati Vitthal Dhayrigude
Kit Providers: Shakti Sports
Broadcast Partners: Funtime, Abhiruchi
20) Lohegaon Jets
Home team for: Lohegaon, Nagar Road, Yerawada, Viman Nagar
Home Stadium: Anand Garden
Practice grounds: Pune Golf Course
Sponsors: Phoenix Mall
Team Snack: Chaat Bazaar
Team Drink:  Starbucks
Team Motto:ghetla Viman, Kela uddan
Head Cheerleader: Mallika Lulla
Kit Provider: Total Sports
Broadcast Partners: BIG Cinemas
These are the 20 teams that will take part in the inaugural PPL organized by Pune Municipality. We have covered Home stadiums, practice grounds as well as team snacks and drinks as well as kit providers to make it easy for the fans of each team to make up their loyalties and follow the teams rigorously and with all their heart. We will update the special and interesting feature of each team in this space once the player auction has been done and teams are finalized. Details will be provided for what kind of attitude to expect from each team, as well as their idiosyncrasies. Till then, we thank Umesh Bhau Gultekdi and his team for organizing such a grand event for us Punekars!
Originally published at: Puneri Misal