Site & shop: Online shopping for Punekars

Interested in shopping something unusual while on social network site? We give you a few names…

We humans are so addicted to habits, once we develop new ones that is. Same goes for shopping. If we come to know of any shop or place where you get your favourite stuff, chances are you will haunt it till eternity. With online shopping a big saving grace for all, social networking has gained on this point too. We look at quirky online places for your needs, with or without their websites, but with a heavy presence on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Good luck with some amazing stuff that we have to suggest!
ShopImagine (1)They calls themselves ‘The first online boutique selling luxury lingerie and stylish apparel’. And they do not disappoint. Their FB and Twitter pages can work for all you ladies, as the variety seems interesting. There is variety, there is expert advice, free shipping all over India and plus ‘no risk 15 day policy’ listed. Amidst the option, you see dresses for looking gorgeous. You also have tops and bottoms like trousers and skirts. The price ranges from quite reasonable to slighter expensive. But it works for us. And they have their own website too.
We Want Cookies

We Want Cookies 1We Want Cookies is one place where cookie addiction can be met with pure delight. They make fresh cookies for which you give order a day prior to when you want them. You can also give bulk orders before and and those in Mumbai too can get them. The flavours include Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chip (White) and Mixed Chocolate Chip. To describe the taste is impossible, but one word suits it best – heavenly. Contact and website details are available on the FB site, and also on Twitter.

RaapChic 1This international clothing shopper’s place can be well described by their tag mentioned on the FB page – A perfect blend of Quirky n’ Classy! It is the one place where all the ladies can find the latest trends and be the centre of attraction. Right from that lace skirts and dresses to the tribal print clothing items you wanted so much, the variety will be a delight to all. Also, you can make the payments via bank wire or cash drop if in Pune or even Gharpay. Just visit this clothing store through your FB or Twitter account and enjoy looking like a million buck.
Pink Candy Closet
Pink Candy Closet (1)
Yet another place to shop for clothes with delight, Pink Candy Closet is what they call an online pre-order store. The latest styles in western attire are for your perusal and chances are you might be tempted by more than one dress. You can find dresses, shirts, trousers, bottom, skirts, coats and jacket and even accessories like bags. For the young ones too, this place has something. Reasonable pricing is what marks it different. There is pre-ordering and also contests happening. See it to believe it.
1. Gia Bath and Body Works: Though based in Mumbai, this FB based online store is all about luxury handcrafted beauty products. Right their specialised soaps to lip balms, scrubs and so on, this unusual site started by celeb stylist and make-up artist have products which seem delicious.
2. Authentic Bengali Sweets in Pune: Salivating for some pure Bangla sweets? Well, this online selling page on FB is one place for it. You place the order and they will deliver it at your doorstep.