Food Review: Wah Marathi

We came across a Maharashtrian restaurant nestled at the post Seasons Mall and decided to give it a visit. Here is what we thought about the place and more importantly, the food…

Most would dismiss me for recommending Maharashtrian food at a place like Seasons Mall but kindly hear me out. Wah Marathi is a novel attempt at a fine dine Maharashtrian restaurant, and the restaurant looks the part. The interior of the place is tastefully done and has some really unique paintings and showpieces.
I visited Wah Marathi for Pune Eat Outs group meet and we had decided on a set menu that cost Rs.550/- (incl taxes)per person. We were a group of 22 people.
The menu was:
Starters: Kothimbir Wadi, Sukha Chicken
Drink: Solkadhi
Soup: Kolhapuri Tambda & Pandhra Rassa
Main Course: Kothimbir Chicken, Mutton Rassa Sawji Style, Bharli Bhendi, Methi chi pattal bhaji
Accompaniments: Raita, Mango Pickle, Pudina Chutney, Lehsun Chatni and Chilli Pickles
Bread: Hot chapatis, jowar & bajra bhakris
Rice: Nagpuri Wada Bhaat
Dessert: Gokul Pithe
Starters, soup and Drink:
I wish that they would have done as good a job with the taste of the food as they did with the interiors of the place. The entire menu was a hit and miss experience for all present.
As soon as we sat down to eat, we were served with a nice, cold and sweet Solkadhi. This tasted brilliant and is a perfect beginning to the meal, but unfortunately the taste was compromised by the presence of chunks of cream. (the next round of Solkadhi had been strained, but 1st up it was a little bit of a let down).
After this, the starters were served and again the hit and miss continued. The Kothimbir wadi was perfectly spiced and had just the right amount of crispiness to it, one of the highlights of the meal. The Sukha Chicken unfortunately lacked a real punch to the taste and was not at all marinated, so it tasted more liked boiled chicken with masala on top. The masala as a stand alone was good with some de-seeded whole green chillies, garlic, coriander et al. The pandhra rassa had a good taste, but lacked a punch of pepper and some mild chilli flavour, tambda rassa was a not good.
Highlights of the Main Course:
The Kothimbir Chicken was amazing. Perfect blend of Kothimbir, Garlic and Spices and tender and succulent pieces of Chicken. Best Non Veg dish of the day by far.
Though I am a hard core non vegetarian, a special mention has to go out for the Methi chi pattal bhaji. Brilliant and mild flavour and just an overall wholesome taste. I ate 3 bowl fulls of this without a thought.
The garma garam chapatis were really soft, and both the jowar and bajra bhakris were also soft and rolled really thin.  This made them easy to eat and they complimented the meal really well.
Main Course Worries:
The Bharli Bhendi was just ok, not much to say there.
The Nagpuri Wada Bhaat was not a good interpretation though. The fodni was a let down. It usually has a lot for red chillies, mustard seeds, bay leaves and cloves of garlic which are added to the rice and crushed with each morsel to impart the flavour. However, the fodni here was just too much oil and very less of anything else.
In the Sawji Mutton, the meat was perfectly cooked and tender (the best I have seen in a restaurant by far), but again flavour was not authentic and lacked the heat which Sawji cooking has.
The Gokul Pithe (read as heaven) were well, class apart.
Modaks with a thin cover, with a filling of crushed coconut & mawa, spiced with elaichi, a little kesar, deep fried in ghee, served with a garnish of crush almonds. They tasted amazing. The perfect sweetness of the filling and a light and crispy outer shell was a perfect ending to lunch. (I ate 3 and had to stop myself eating a 4th, it was tough).
Wrap Up:
Amazing Ambiance. Some stand out tastes and and innovative dishes, but not a place I would be visiting soon. Though some of the food items were brilliant, there were a few that were not upto the mark. If you’re thinking of trying out only particular dishes and want a good ambience with Maharashtrian food, this might be the place for you.


Address: Wah Marathi Dine n Wine Food Express, 3rd Floor, Seasons Mall, Magarpatta City, Pune
Timings: 11 AM to 3 PM, 7:30 PM to 11 PM
For Reservations Call: +912067225566, +912067235656, +917350685858