Food Review: Rice and More at Oryzza

The newly opened joint in Aundh is fast gaining a name for its unique rice dishes. We ordered a few of their dishes for lunch and these are our thoughts on the food we got…

Oryzza is a takeaway, walk-in and delivery place located on Nagras Road, Aundh. Their speciality is rice and gravy neatly packed in a container. You can find Asian, Chinese, Thai, Lebanese, Burmese, Italian and other rice specialties of various cuisines. Their USP is GRAVY+PROTEIN+RICE meals, which look quite tempting.


The food and concept appealed to us and we decided to give it a try.  Following is what we ordered and, our thoughts on the food:
The Order:

  • Burmese Rice Chicken
  • Burmese Khowsuey Chicken
  • Italian Rice Chicken
  • Lebanese Chicken
  • Thai Rice Veg
  • Manchurian Rice Chicken
  • Make Your Own Veg – Burmese Curry + Brown Rice + Broccoli + Babycorn, Makhani Gravy + Garlic Coriander Rice + Paneer Tikka + Indian Mix
  • Chicken Momos

The food came in neatly packed boxes, with no need to use your kitchen utensils. One can eat the meal directly out of the box. It was perfect since most do not have too much time to eat lunch, especially at work. The neat packing also ensured there was no mess.
I had the Burmese Rice chicken, which was very different from the usual rice meals I normally order. The chicken blended perfectly with the curries and rice and tasted well. I also tried the momos and a little of each of the other dishes (to silence my food-curious mind) and the experience was very similar. Although I am not very fond of momos, I liked the ones we ordered. What’s more, whatever I tasted of  the Italian Rice Chicken, Burmese Khowsuey Chicken and Lebanese Chicken, I loved. The quantity was plenty for someone with a big appetite like mine and most couldn’t finish it entirely in one go (meaning I got much more to eat). 🙂
We ordered the Oryzza meals at work and here’s what my colleagues had to say:
Aanchal: I had customised my meal. My order was, Burmese curry and brown rice topped with mushrooms and broccoli. I loved it! The gravy is my favourite out of all. Although it comes with a pack of roasted garlic crumbs for the topping, I believe the addition of herbs and garlic in the gravy might enhance the Burmese flavour.
Apeksha: I ordered the Lebanese Chicken and it was super! I do wish it was a tad spicier though. Compared to the price, the quantity was really good. I couldn’t finish it.. When I get a chance, will surely try other dishes.
Rekha: I ordered Veg Thai Rice. As I am a non-vegetarian, I did not enjoy it as much I would have had I opted for a chicken instead. Will try it next time. I even had the momos, which were pretty good.

The price for a wholesome meal (i.e. one rich dish) did not cross more than Rs. 150, while the addition of momos meant an increase by Rs.100 in our entire order. For the price, the quantity is quite fulfilling and the taste is different and enriching. Oryzza is definitely an option if you’re bored of your usual Biryani/Chinese Fried Rice and other widely available rice dishes and wish to eat something refreshing. If you opt for Italian/Lebanese/Burmese/Thai, you will be left happy, for the tasty meal is not easily available in most restaurants in the city. Even if it is, you won’t get it at the price this place is offering. Do give it a shot!
Location: Oryzza, Nagras Road, Aundh, Pune-07
Timings: 11am to 11pm
Contact: 9881679992