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Right next to the Inox Multiplex on Bund Garden Road, is a quaint place that serves great food and has good decor. Flag’s has been around for years and yet, remains unknown to many in the city. To those who have been there, the place is a wonderful memory, mostly because of its food. I visited the place a few years ago, when it was considered as one of the high-end places in Pune. Now, there are many places that are pricier or equally pricey, making Flag’s come under the slightly affordable lot. Here is what I experienced at the Chef’s table on my recent visit.


[divider ]Ambiance[/divider]


Image - Flags restaurantIn terms of looks, Flag’s hasn’t changed much. It is still as spotlessly clean with rich decor, just like it was a few years back. When you’re ushered in, you see tables with chairs and sofas in almost every spot. Thankfully though, they are not too close to each other, meaning your noisy neighbour won’t bother your conversation.  There are flags on each table representing various different countries, hence the name. I inquired if it had anything to do with the kind of food that will be served or the specialty of that particular day. That’s not how it is though, the flags of random countries are the centrepiece of random tables. The light music played in the background too doesn’t have anything to do with the ‘theme’. We sat on a table which had a flag of Mexico, the music played was Persian/Arabic or maybe something different altogether while we visited the place at a time when the Lebanese food festival was ongoing. Makes me sound like a jet-setter, right?


[divider ]Food & Drinks[/divider]


The major perks of sitting on the chef’s table are:

  1. You get to taste various food items.
  2. You need not worry about the order. The chef recommendations cannot go wrong.
  3. The conversation is always related to food, enriching the experience of tasting (read hogging).

Riders on the StormI had a lot to eat, since the chef guessed my appetite with just a glance. Sandeep Kadam, the Executive Chef made the recommendations and we were definitely pleased with the food and drinks (no alcoholic beverages for now. Alcohol is served here but we refrained from indulging in it. It was time to get high on the food).


Riders on the storm (watermelon juice with a hint of mint. It tasted wonderful!)
Tahitian Paradise (sweetened narial pani! Served with the coconut.)


Tomkha Soup – Oriental (I normally do not enjoy soups, they are filling and that’s not what a foodie wants. However, I enjoyed this one. Quite different from what I’ve tasted till now!)
Spicy Cilantro and Refrito Bean Soup – Mexican (a decent choice!)
Eight Treasures Soup – Oriental (also good, different from the normal choices people usually order.)


Chicken Reshmi KebabFalafel – Lebanese (decent)
Shawarma – Lebanese (Although I usually love it, I found this one okay!)
Chilly Peppercorn – Oriental (a vegetarian dish I relished. Wonderful as a snack to go with drinks.)
Chicken Reshmi Kebab – Indian (The best dish I tasted. Even weeks after I had them, just hearing the name makes my mouth water. It is a little sweet and different from the usual Tikka but, it tastes amazing! I recommend you give it a try.)
Creole Cottage Cheese Finger – European (okay)

Mains & Sizzlers:

Khauswe – Oriental (a unique dish! There aren’t many places which serve it this good.)
Kombadi Mirchi Makhani – Indian (quite okay)
Enchiladas – Mexican (another unique dish! I don’t remember having it anywhere. Tastes good too.)
Chicken Steak Sizzler – European (the specialty here. Flag’s is known for its sizzlers and I quite enjoyed it.)
Cottage Cheese Shaslik Sizzler – European (good. Nothing much to say though.)

sizzling brownie

Sizzling Brownie (Great as always, you cannot go wrong with this!)
Khubani ka Meetha (quite good. However, if you’re a chocoholic like me, you might not like it as much.)
Honey Noodles & Ice Cream (okay)
Malai Kulfi (good. Nothing unique about it)

While the sizzlers are their specialty, the Chicken Reshmi Kebab can be crowned as the ‘BEST DISH’ at Flag’s. The rest of the food too deserves credit, and though the Reshmi Kebab steals their thunder, the dishes there are tasty. A foodie’s delight!


[divider ]Service[/divider]


When you’re at the Chef’s table (has anyone been counting how many times I’ve said that and thought, “Stop bragging already!”), it’s obvious you’ll get the best service. However, I would rate the service according to my previous visit, to make it fair. If you’re looking for a quick meal, with just 20-30 minutes to spare, you won’t be able to enjoy much. The dishes take some time to arrive but the waiters are prompt and come the minute you call them. The service is good but remember to make time if you plan to be here. You’ll relish the food better and enjoy a pleasant evening.


[divider ]Verdict[/divider]


If you haven’t been there yet, I definitely would recommend you visit it. With the various festivals the place now organises every week, you can taste some unique dishes at a reasonable price. Chances are, what I find ‘reasonable’ might seem expensive to some but the experience and the food make it seem okay. Flag’s is a good place for corporate dinners or dates, even for a quiet dinner with friends and family. There’s one major reason why you must visit it, other than its food and decor; Chicken Reshmi Kebab!!


Address: Flag's, G2, Metropole, Next To Inox, Bund Garden Road, Pune-01
Timings: 12pm to 3:30pm; 7pm to 11:30pm
Facilities: Valet Parking, Air conditioned, Reservations accepted, Alcohol served, Child Friendly, Credit & Debit Cards Accepted, Take Away available, Buffet Available.

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