What's baking this Christmas?

For best baked products at reasonable price, here is a list of bakeries where good products and price meet very easily. Christmas and New Year is nearing, so why not indulge your sweet tooth?

Be it any event these days, celebrations never end without a baked product like cakes or pastries or even various kinds of puffs. With Christmas and New Year coming near, it is but obvious that baked products will be in demand. Even otherwise, Punekars seem to favour these tasty delights. But if you are short on cash yet still want some tasty delights of the baked kinds, we have a few small-time places which are hit among all Punekars, known for their taste and value for money.


New Empire Bakery (1)Don’t go over the new tag, as this bakery is one of the prominent old time bakeries in town. Located in an area where quite a few small bakeries vie for attention, New Empire Bakery has the trappings of all simple yet good baked products to offer. Right from some luscious breads to tasty offerings like naan parathas, shrewsberry biscuits, Brazil nut biscuits, roats and pizza and garlic breads, you also can find the usual delights like pastries and cakes in their repertoire. Fresh and simple, their clients list ranges people from all backgrounds. Staying happy with some baked products could never get better than this.
Address: 577, Sachapir Street, Camp
Timings: 6am-11pm
Contact: 020 2634 0571


Santosh Bakery 2Yes, we know you know this place. Many might be heading to this place to try out their now famous veg puffs which are understandably to die for. But for a change, try out their other baked products. You can start with their mawa or vaati cupcakes which are popular.One can then head to binge on the cream rolls, pastries, and bread. There are people who line to stuff their mouths with the cream rolls or coconut pastries. And the products freshness cannot be doubted as you can actually watch the baking happen before you and then served. No more talks!
Address: S. No 1202/17, Apte Road
Timings: 7am-1pm and 4pm-9pm
Contact: 020-66820246


Diamond Bakery (2)It is a haven in Fatima Nagar for those who love to gorge on all baked products. A new entrant as compared to other bakeries, this one too sells the usual products but with love and much simplicity. The products which you can find here in abundance are cakes like chocolate, walnut, mawa, shrewsberry biscuits and so on. The usual culprits of the baked kinds too can be found of their list and everything is made fresh. It would be a good idea to go early or you might have to return home empty-handed. Home delivery is for the few loyal customers. We prefer that you do not wast time in just reading. Visit Diamond Bakery and have a great time eating.
Address: 47, Near KPCT Mall, Fatima Nagar
Timings: 5.30am-9.30pm
Contact: 020-6861893


If you are looking for a landmark bakery selling baked items to die for, nothing gets better than Hindustan Bakery. And here you will get all your stuff at a price within your budget. Try their cookies, cakes and pastries prepared with care, and also their puffs and sandwiches. Their best-seller would be the veg pattice which has been a hit for the past 50 years. The crowd visiting it comprises of all kinds, all jostling to have a bite of their favourite baked item. They have outlets all over the city.


New Royal BakeryIt is amongst the quintessential bakeries owned and run by Parsis and New Royal Bakery follows the tradition of giving the best, retaining loyalty among its customers. Generations have been visiting this place which has not changed in terms of taste. You can safely go for the breads, cakes, biscuits and so on. If you are looking for shrewsberry biscuits in particular, this would be the apt place, as they claim to make them. For one of the best baked products, you now know the name and address.
Address: 9/1A Shop no 12, Meher Apartments, Opp SBI Banks, Pune-Solapur Road, Bhairoba Nala
Timings: 10am-11.30pm
Contact: 020-26810671


Persian Bakery (4)This place is another legend in Pune bakery basket. Yet another bakery to be run by a family, this bakery has been on most people’s list to buy items like bread (brown, wholewheat tools, Brun, etc), cakes, muffins and other assorted items. It remains to be the one areas of the few places where the taste and its location has not changed much in the last so many years. This place too attracts loyalist from nearby areas as well as far-flungs places who cannot do without their favourite items from the bakery.
Address: S. No 383, Kolsa Gali, M G Road
Timings: 9am-10pm
Contact: 020-26344246

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