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The Dhoom 3 Review

Dhoom 3 has everything, Aamir Khan, action scenes, Katrina Kaif’s gorgeous looks and a lot more. But is it worth the watch? Find out…

It is all about magic and jugglery in Dhoom 3, literally and figuratively. Literally because the main antagonist played by Aamir Khan plays a magician who is adept at all kinds of jugglery (must be a Punekar who juggles the traffic in the city). Figuratively because it works on the magic of Khan and juggles the story and characters so as to come up with a movie which is fun but not fully enjoyable for the money you spent. The third part of the franchise will allow you to swim yourself in a truckload of Aamir, an interesting saga of revenge and a whole lot of stunning stunts. And yet… yes, yet there is a nagging feeling that you almost touch the thrilling side of Dhoom 3 and then fall in disappointment.
Director: Vijay Krishna Acharya
Actor: Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra, Jackie Shroff and Siddharth Nigam
Music: Pritam

Dhoom 3The revenge action drama begins with Iqbal Khan (Jackie Shroff), a debt-ridden owner of the Great Indian Circus. He is fighting the Chicago-based bank from taking the circus over. But his last attempt fails and Iqbal commits suicide in front of his son Sahir (Siddharth Nigam as the younger version and Aamir Khan as the older version). Sahir becomes an ace magician, juggler and a master of deception and he has just one thing in mind – ruin the Chicago Bank. The Chicago police call in the con artist catcher ACP Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan) and Ali Akbar (Uday Chopra). Meanwhile, Sahir hires Aalia (Katrina Kaif) as the main performer at his circus. The rest is the usual Dhoom, but with small mercies and a good twist.
Dhoom 3 is an action film and wants to just entertain you. Period. YashRaj Films have outdone themselves by casting Mr 100% Aamir Khan with Katrina Kaif opposite him. The story of con artist becomes a family drama with a twist which will keep everyone on their toes. Yes, conning gets personal, this time. While the story and stunts work out well for the ticket payers (whoever paid the so-called Rs 900 per ticket will be running down the streets with a chopper in hand looking for Uday Chopra. Aamir is god, you see). What drags the film down is the film’s timing. An action film should not be three hours long, especially in this age where even films from other genres are keeping themselves in the two hour slot. The love angle is zero, with no chemistry between Aamir and Katrina.
Director Vijay Krishna Acharya gets the credit for the story along with producer Aditya Chopra and it is intriguing, if not fantastically mind-blowing. Unlike earlier Dhoom flicks, this one has an emotional antagonist, but full on achieving his goal. We just wish Acharya who has written the screenplay had paid little less attention on creating stunts and more on tightening the script. The dialogues resemble a see-saw at best, sometimes good and sometimes fit to be thrown in Lake Michigan in Chicago.
It is obviously Aamir Khan film all the way. His portrayal of Sahir Khan allows you cheer for him, despite being on the wrong side. His Sahir is human. But he is stuck with Abhishek Bachchan who puts in a half-hearted attempt to beat Sahir. Abhishek’s Jai Dixit act is positively boring, possibly because he knows that he is not going to get any girl and has to live with Ali and his mummy forever. Uday Chopra has done a good job, if not better. He does what any side-kick worth his salt does – be funny and support the act. One pities Katrina Kaif. Why? Because unlike the actresses in the previous Dhoom flicks, she appears to be what Ali is to Jai. Except for looking stunning in the songs, her character is actually the weakest of the lot. Jackie Shroff as the broken father and Siddharth Nigam as the young Aamir garner good appreciation.
What’s Dhoom 3 without its characteristic action and mind-blowing stunts? There are lot of bikes, some chasing around, and a whole lot of Rohit Shetty moments (car damage that is). Conrad Palmisano and Sham Kaushal do a good job of keeping the action sequences terse. One of the funniest action sequences involves Abhishek Bachchan and a rickshaw. Was this the reason for his morose face? Pritam allows you to tap your feet on his tunes, but he ain’t the Pied Piper of Dhoom 1&2. Sure, it is the age of franchises and raking moolah. But it is also the time when viewers know real entertainment from fake joys. Dhoom 3 has the elements of entertainment, but its length drags the film. Allow yourself to go on a bike ride with Aamir Khan. His acting and the action keeps you going. But don’t expect it to topple you from your seat.