Self-Defense: Where the road to self defense ends, crime starts!

Colourss Foundation is starting a self defence workshop for women. Read on to know more about the workshop and how you can be part of it…

An art that empowers you from within and supports you in circumstances where even your ‘smartest’ phones may not be of any help, is SELF DEFENSE.
Violence against women has become a mundane thing to read or hear. Domestic violence,eve teasing,molestation and rape are examples of how patriarchy thrusts itself on women in its most violent form. A woman is neither safe inside the womb nor outside it. A girl can be beaten up for not getting enough dowry,a pregnant woman for giving birth to a girl child, a girl can be raped because her clothes are ‘provocative’ and female foeticide is always an option for misogynists. All this occurs because she is considered a creature who is weak,docile and as tolerant as mother earth.She has absolutely no voice and can be subjected to endless thrashing. Is it so? Are women to always to be silenced and shoved by men because they cannot defend themselves?
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It is time we change this notion and say NO to the above asked questions.We women need to gear up and equip ourselves in order to establish a stand for ourselves.It is by the means of self defense that we can endow ourselves with confidence enough that,we can deal with a problem alone and do not need a man to fight for us.
Self defense shows us a way to gain physical as well as mental empowerment against the ongoing brutal violence. We women spend endlessly on beauty products and beauty treatments for the sake of our looks. What about our security? Is it somebody else’s responsibility? Why not enroll ourselves for self defense classes in order to inject self worth,confidence and determination in ourselves!
Colorss is addressing   the   problem   of   violence   against   women   by creating self-defence   workshops for   corporate   women, students and children.  The project aims to enable   Indian   women   to defend themselves   against   an   attacker.   The   training   also increases   self-confidence and mental strength. The classes are designed   for an individual to take   part   2-3   times   a   week. The groups   have 10-15   participants and are carried out in   Pune.
Tailor made self-defense workshops for women employees are being carried for corporate houses across India. As per the need of the corporate house the duration and number of self-defense techniques are being taught, by   the   Founder   of   Colorss,   Anand Koti. Exhibiting commitment and discipline, Anand has a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Karate.
Video of self defense workshop: [embedvideo id=”ZpaFZtsLXtY” website=”youtube”]
Let us learn self defense not as a hobby but as a necessity so that no matter what we wear or at what time we move out, nobody can dare to attack us! After all..its time to dismantle the age old tradition where a hero is needed to save a heroine and her ‘izzat’..
Contact Colorss Foundation at or visit us at | to see how we can conduct self-defense workshop for the women employees of your company. By doing this YOU broaden the horizons of your women employees and develop their empathy. You promote intelligent giving and improve their personal fulfillment, which is important in developing their potential. Simply put, you act out your corporate values.
By: Ridham Gambhir