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R…Rajkumar Movie Review

Expect a no-brainer entertainer from R…Rajkumar. Digging deep is injurious to your health. Here is what you should expect from the latest flick…

Silent Ho Jaa, Nahin Toh Main Violent Ho Jaunga… floored with this dialogue, it also defines the mood of a film which probably hangs between romance, action and comedy. Yes, it is definitely not a film which you want to consider, in terms of logic, intelligence or something different to offer. But we are not here to expect anything of that sort from a Prabhu Dheva film. For every ‘The Lunchbox‘, you have a ‘R…Rajkumar‘ which allows you whistle, dance in the aisles on Gandi Baat and Sari Ke Fall Sa, and get a laugh at scenes which might border sometimes on crass, but WTH. It is entertainment south style. Mind it!
Director: Prabhu Dheva
Actors: Shahid Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Sonu Sood, Ashish Vidyarthi, Srihari, Mukul Dev
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Anupam Amod, Mayur Puri
r-rajkumar-05Romeo Rajkumar is the kind of guy who goes all out and action for just two things – money and love. For money, he starts working for Shivraaj or Biyooji (Sonu Sood), a don who wants to be big and follows his astrologer for advice. Biyooji has just two enemies – Parmar (Ashish Vidyarthi), a local goon who can be beaten anytime and Taka (Srihari) who is settled abroad. All Biyooji wants to be the biggest drug baron. Rajkumar falls for Chanda or Lollypop as he prefers calling her (Sonakshi Sinha) and so does Biyooji. It does not help that Lollypop happens to be the niece of Parmar. While trying to save his love and punch the lights out of the horny Biyooji, figure out the story.
Kahani mein twist is not what you will find here and mind-blowing is definitely not what R…Rajkumar stands for. You have seen movies like these in the past, especially from Deva’s own stable. Yes, this film might not appeal to you, if you expect the film like ‘Wanted‘. What works in its favour is the probably its mindlessness which allows you to be amused, if not laugh. Where the story might give you a ‘have been there’ feeling, you are glued to the seats in the first half. It is the second half which gets stretched for no rhyme or reason. In the past few Fridays, we have seen so-called Masala films make a monkey out of us and this film just scrapes through and crosses the red mark.
Romeo, he indeed is and Rajkumar, he tries to be. Initially titled Rambo…Rajkumar, Shahid tries to be both Rambo and Romeo. His earnest efforts shows on the screen, as he becomes the lovable scamp who goes around town looking like a lost puppy when his Lollypop appears before him. His paring with Sonakshi Sinha looks good, though she appears to be more of a Rambo than he does. Sinha is ho-hum, like in any other Prabhu Dheva or simply masala movie. But you are more than amused to see pint-sized Rajkumar go total macho against villain Biyooji played by the deliciously good-looking Sonu Sood. It is creditable that Sood comes out pure evil yet somewhat comic, though his character spouts dialogues copied from any South film. Sadly, Dheva should be fined for wasting actors like Asrani, Mukul Dev, Bharat Dabholkar, Srihari and Ashok Samarth.
Let’s talk less of Prabhu Deva’s direction as the film is not bad, it’s just-about entertaining but just reaches the level it should. One guesses the failure of Ramaiyya Vastavaiyya must have hit him badly. He has created an enjoyable potboiler which reaches just halfway through. The less said of the technical aspects, the better it is. In fact, this has been a problem of most masala films of recent times which work well on either story or acting level, but go down the BRTS level when it comes to technical aspect. Two aspect stand out amidst this chaos. Pritam’s music allows you to do a Ganpati dance near the aisles, with full dhamaal. Be it Gandi Baat or Saree Ke Fall Sa, the songs win you over. Prabhu, flog yourself for messing up the film’s best song Dhoka Dhadi, with a lousy picturisation. Next in line for our good words is some kick-ass action, which you might enjoy if you are into the action mode.
Heading for R…Rajkumar should be based on just one thing – whether you able to digest Prabhu Deva style rowdiness and masala magic. As the lead character say, it is either pyaar, pyaar, pyaar or maar, maar, maar.