Getting in the Groove!

Kirti Advani, the founder of Dance Curve, talks about her dance academy, her passion for the art and encouraging the art form among youngsters and children…

Looking back over the last five years as the founder of Dancing Curve, Kirti Advani has a lot to be proud of. In a city that has no shortage of dance talent, Advani  has come a long way in promoting and teaching dance to students of all age groups across the city.”I believe that children should be encouraged to participate and learn dancing as it helps them open-up and get over stage fright,” says the 26 -year-old , who has been dancing since the age of 12 years. It was her determination and love for dance that has helped her to build one of the largest dance institutes in the city.
“Dance has always been my first love and I always knew I wanted to do something in  dance instead of a conventional career,” says Advani ,a MBA postgraduate from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, who chose to start her career in dancing over a corporate placement from college. She mentions that the satisfaction that she gets from her passion is worth everything that she left behind to chase her dreams.
l9Advani has trained at the Shaimak Davar dance institute and  has even worked there as an instructor for six years before starting her own dance institute. Initially, she started with a small class of seven students in Aundh. Today, her institute has four branches  across the city in Aundh, Viman Nagar, Wanowrie and Kothrud with over 750 students from different backgrounds and age groups.
“Dance is not just enjoyable but is a fun way to keep fit,” says Advani who encourages all styles of dance from jazz, hip-hop to salsa and contemporary in her institute. Her classes include the initial warm up exercises ,stretching and choreography which retains the attention of her students.
“She’s not just a dance teacher,” says one of Advani’s students, 13-year-old Katyayini Mathur, “She’s like an elder sister and has always been that.”
Among colleagues and close friends, no one can say what drives Advani’s  boundless energy in her love for dance. “She has always been passionate about dancing and has been one of the best people I have worked with,” says Henna Raisinghani who works as an instructor in Advani’s Dancing Curve. She adds that Advani is so driven in giving the best to her students that she regularly gives her instructors feedback and even takes a dance class with the instructors every week.
Dancing Curve  has also worked with NGO’s like Ashraya and the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre in Kirkee. In the future, Advani is looking forward to expanding her dance institute in all the four metro cities. Every year, she makes it a point to organise two major dance events for her students to showcase their talent. This year Advani’s Dancing Curve will be organising an event on December 22 at the Symbiosis Auditorium, Viman Nagar. The event will be showcasing dance performances by 500 students which include tiny tots, youngsters, housewives and working professionals. Advani informs us that the dance performers are of varied age groups with the youngest performer at three and a half years and eldest at 70 years.
“Dance is ageless, everyone can and must dance. Dance is happiness,” Advani signs off.

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