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Book Review: A country for men

After being immersed in mostly the mythological and historical fiction genre that were stacked in my bookshelf, I finally took the time to read this one. The book in question is the one written by Rohit Kumar Singh Jadon. His earlier book ‘A Short Affair Called Life’ While his debut novel talked about spirituality and the divine, this one talks about the ugly side of life; rape.
Writer: Rohit Kumar Singh Jadon
Publisher: Blackbuck Publication
Category: Non Fiction
Pages: 150
Published in: October 2013
Flip the book and the back pages the lines that meet you are, “This book isn’t another entertaining story; it’s the ugly and terrifying truth of our Nation”. The lines tell you very honestly what the book is about, it is not a story but a collection of some of the rape cases that the country has seen. From the Delhi rape case to other cases that did not find as much attention in the media, the book talks about the state of women in our country and the inability of the laws to enforce a strong anti-rape bill.
A country for men is not some book that pits India in a false light, it only speaks statistics. As you begin to turn the pages, the facts, the statistical data and the mentioned points begin to intrigue you. They make you think and curse your helplessness in all the situations that are happening in our country. The book maybe a short read, but the hard hitting way it is put makes one want to keep it down from time to time. It is not a simple read as I thought, for it takes you into a different zone altogether. It talks about the plight of rape victims and the circumstances they have to face, for no fault of theirs. It also talks about the society’s outlook towards rape. Though rapes and crime against women is not something one would like to read, the book is something every Indian must pick up. Regardless of all the articles in the news, online portals and social media condemning rapes, the book is an one-stop place where you will get most of the information. It is an insight into something we hardly know and mostly take for granted; safety for women definitely is a big question.
The book is worth a read, even though the topic seems boring or we have this nothing that we already know enough about the rapes happening in our country. Though it is not a tale of a person; it’s the story of a country, still awaiting strong anti-rape laws and efficient enforcement of the same.