Bold and beautiful

Apurv Nagpal’s latest book is an adult desi novel consisting of 18 titillating tales. He talks about writing a bold novel and about the Indian mentality when it comes to boldness…

Putting the ‘X’ back in sex is Apurv Nagpal’s bold debut book titled ‘Eighteen Plus: Bedtime Stories For Grown – Ups ‘. The book launch was held at Crosswords books store in Amanora Park Town on November 27. Perfectly blending humour and sex, the book published by Rupa Publications consists of 18 titillating ‘desi‘ tales that are blatant and in your face.
“Sex is something that has fascinated me,” says the 42-year- old author who has worked abroad for 11 years adding that he still finds Indians very inhibited when it comes to talking about sex. Nagpal who has traveled to over 60 countries across the seven continents has been exposed to different cultures.
7fa20f3a-b1bc-11de-bdc3-000b5dabf613df1221aee79f1f1b4596b697afc10168“I believe every place has their own culture and I respect that fact,” says the ex-corporate honcho adding that we has Indians should never forget our roots.” Coming from the land of Kamasutra we were once a very liberated culture ,so when did we become so prudish in our thinking?” he asks.
A graduate from the Shri Ram College of Commerce and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, Nagpal has worked in the corporate world in various capacities for over twenty years. His interest includes sports (he has seen the last four FIFA Soccer World Cups live), travel, wines, cocktails and cinema (he regularly reviews the latest movies on his blog,
“We make a big fuss when it comes to talking about sex, but we never hesitate to show our children brutal violence and killing in movies,” says the author who feels that people need to be more open-minded in their thinking.
Through his very explicit narration of the different situational stories Nagpal hopes to find a connect with readers who he feels should be true to themselves and not shy away from reading about sex. This 160 page book is wickedly naughty and laugh-out-loud funny and is highly recommended for the cool, open-minded Indian of both genders.

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