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Adopting a pet in Pune

If you want to adopt a pet and don’t know where to head, we provide you with names to approach for your wish…

Adopting an animal and making it a part of your family is the noblest of causes. And pet lovers do look forward to camps where they can connect with pets who want a place to call home. Punekars are a weird lot. On one hand, we see a few heartless citizens abusing their pets and even abandoning them. While on the other hand, a few with the hearts of gold make sure that they adopt abandoned animals as pets and let them know that humanity exists. If you are one of the few good denizens in the city who would like to know where to head if you want to adopt some abandoned pets, stray or otherwise, here are the names of a few organisations who are into either organising adoption camps or being the base to enable others to congregate for the same.


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This trust came into being in 2007 and since then has been making sure that they provide medical aid to any injured or troubled animals. By animals, they mean stray dogs and cats. This non-profit organisation is making sure that the stray animals get proper treatment and their lives are as easy as any other animal can get. Amongst the various missions, they provide help assistance in getting people to upload photos and information of stray animals like dogs and cats up for adoption or letting people know who wants to adopt pets. They even enable people to search for their lost pet through their wesbite or Facebook page. This is adoption with a difference.


pets adoption 2Maneka Gandhi is the brains behind the organisation with the city unit being run efficiently by Manoj Oswal. Since 1995, their attempts to make sure animals get a decent life and free of abuse have been meeting slow but steady success. Fight against animal cruelty, providing animal ambulance and such services, animal law enforcement, and awareness are amongst the few things which this organisation has been doing and harmless animal adoption is also a major part of their work. Rescued animals, that is cats and dogs, are there to be adopted by people who truly care for them. You can even see information on their Facebook page.


pet adoption 4Most would be aware of the work done by Blue Cross Society and their Pune branch is making sure the animals in our city get a fair treatment from it citizens. Since 1994, they have been organising events like awareness and medical camps and so on, in the city. And their adoption camps where stray cats and dogs are up for adoption have been a big hit amongst the people. One can visit their Facebook page to get details or call them up for not just adoption details but for any other help too.


It is one place for everything for your pet – right from pet products to accessories and supplements. They even attend to medical issues with their in-house vet. Started in 2010, Petville has attracted quite a few pet lovers who want their special family members living with ease and in style. And yes, they do assist people in adopting courtesy their store and also the Facebook page and group. What you will find here are information about adoption, related education and details regarding adoption camps happening in the city. They also speak a lot on adopting stray or Indian breeds.
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