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Movie Review: Tendulkar Out

Tendulkar Out is a perfect title for this movie – topical, funny with a thriller thrown in. It was just what the doctors ordered. Here is the review of the latest marathi flick..

Never judge a book by its cover, they say. It stands so true when it come to Tendulkar Out. Don’t get it wrong. It is a wonderful film and yes, it is related to Sachin Tendulkar. By the time you finish watching this mad-cap thriller comedy, you might realise the interesting connection and enjoy the film. What timing for the release, just when our very own Sachin retires! One can safely say that this movie probably brings a humorous angle into the thriller section of Marathi films.
Language: Marathi
Director: Swapnil Jaykar
Actors: Sayaji Shinde, Saee Tamhankar, Santosh Juvekar, Aniket Vishwasrao, Vijay Maurya, Neelam Shirke, Atul Parchure
Music: Amar Mohile
The story begins with money-constrained Abbas (Vijay Maurya) who accepts money for a contract killing from Soonyabhai who wants to kill Sunil Tendulkar (Sayaji Shinde), a B-grade filmmaker of movies like Pahadi Haseena, Oo Aa Ouch and Meri Pyaas. For this, Abbas ropes in his friends – Nair (Santosh Juvekar) who can handle a pistol and Leftie (Aniket Vishwasrao) to keep a hang of things. While Nair has a problem of finishing work, Leftie is a womanizer and all three friends are in dire need of money. Simultaneously, you see Tendulkar and his pregnant wife Sunita (Neelam Shirke) planning about their would-be baby boy who is scheduled to come around 24th April, Sachin’s birthday. When he goes out to meet his special girl Velvet Manisha (Saee Tamhankar) at Bomb Blast nightclub, the trio follow. Sunita instantaneously calls her boyfriend and the baby’s real father Dhannu (Atul Parchure). Tendulkar, meanwhile, is trying to explain a story for his film – Meri Bat, Mera Ball – to Velvet and keep calm, as he is under pressure to send Velvet to a politician for getting money for his film. You keep guessing of what happens next.
Tendulkar OutThe best part of the film is the short and sweet timing – just one hour 46 minutes. Within that time span, you might sit on the edge of the seat to find out what happens next and laugh at the same. But beware, this film has A ratings, though much tamer than most of the contents we see elsewhere. Though now we have seen thrillers in Marathi films, this genre of thriller-cum-humour is rarely used. Here, the jokes tickle you while you wait to see the next scene. The credit goes to Yogesh Vinayak Joshi for writing such a wonderful story and dialogues. The director Swapnil Jaykar provides the support to keep the pace intact. Some of the scenes are outstanding. For example, the rickshawala who is transporting the trio turns out to be Ramdev Baba bhakt and a wannabe sadhu. When Abbas comes out drunk, you see the rickshawala teaching Abbas to do pranayam at midnight. Also the use of cricket commentary to narrate the story is so original.
Technical and acting support too comes here by truckload. While Vijay Maurya as the bheegi billi Abbas is fantastic, Sayaji Shinde as the totally shameless and typical shady filmmaker wins you over. Santosh Juvekar as Nair shows his capability by playing a guy who has the misfortune of losing steam halfway through any work and wants this one work to go all the day. The rest of the cast are pretty good in making themselves useful and funny. It is a must to speak about the fabulous camerawork done by cinematographer Amalendu Chowdhury who clearly marks each area and aspect in the necessary light.
If looking out for some good old humour and thrills, Tendulkar Out can be a perfect option, though not with whole family. Quite a few movies have been released and some old ones are still attracting crowds. But watching this small Marathi film might prove to be that difference you wanted.

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