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Movie Review: Satya 2

There are crimes and there are films. And there is Ram Gopal Varma’s Satya 2 which probably makes you commit a crime and not have him make a film on it. Here’s the review of the new flick from The Aag guy…

Missing: The talent of Ram Gopal Varma. Previously, seen directing movies like Shiva, Drohi, Raat, Rangeela, Satya, Company, Kaun and more and producing films like Shool, Ab Tak Chhappan, Ek Thi Hasina, My Wife’s Murder and more. Last seen trying to salvage himself from the depths of a horrifying talent less pit called The Attacks of 26/11.
Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Actors: Puneet Singh Ratn, Anaika Soti, Aradhana Gupta, Mahesh Thakur, Ashok Samarth, Amitriyaan and Kaushal Kapoor
It is said that the battle is half won these days if the promotional tactics are able to bring the audience to the theaters. Quite a few films in recent times have proved this point. Satya 2 is a unique case – let’s call it a case-study. Neither have the promo caught one’s imagination nor the gimmicks which otherwise create enough fodder for attraction. The end result is an almost empty theater for the first day second show, including only a couple who came to have a good time, a few shady youngsters making smart Alec comments and a few uncle type characters to watch the movie maybe or to do whatever they want. Satya 2 leaves you in a state where you wish you would have watched the rerun of any of Kanti Shah’s films.
They say if you want the pain to be less when you remove a band-aid, remove it swiftly in one go. That’s the tactic for explaining the so-called story line. Satya (Puneet Singh Ratn), like his predecessor, arrives like another migrant to the city. But unlike the original Satya, our brooding hero has an agenda. He lands a job with a shady builder Lahotia (Mahesh Thakur). A shady land deal brings forth Satya’s criminal mind, but he does not want to be just any other bhai. Unlike the other dons, Satya wants to run a company called Company (that’s what we call imagination) which will run on a thought and for the people. Slowly, he begins to rise without getting too much attention. He lives a normal life with the love of his life, Chitra (Anaika Soti), friend Naara (Amitriyaan) and his special gal, Special (Aradhana Gupta). The rest of the story should be seen, digested and if felt, thought about.
Satya-2Even before the film started, you get that nasty feeling in your stomach that this film is going to take the mickey out of you. For the sake of the once immensely talented Ram Gopal Varma or Ramu who probably could be credited for bringing a dozen of talented names in the industry, right from actors to filmmakers, you want Satya 2 to work. But it just utter lets you down. The story (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more) does not have any base to stand on. You fail to see why a qualified person like Satya does what he does. His naivety behind the building the ‘company’ as he calls it is more amateurish. The police force, in particularly Mumbai Police, doesn’t have a single name to fight against this newly developed underworld, spineless, go around kidnapping people, barging into people’s house, pointing guns everywhere like it is Diwali and behaving like galli ka Munnabhai. The screenplay fails to build on the story and not even once do you come across a memorable scene. Satya 2 is an excellent example of an interesting thought which floundered so badly that it committed social suicide.
Ramu is credited to creating the crime drama or underworld films genre in India. Satya 2 ruins his image. But it is not reflected in this film. What works as a silver lining to the utterly dismal film is the cinematography. Some wonderfully typical shots of Mumbai and the usual camera found in previous crime-based films give the film some respectability. To comment on the rest of the technical aspect would be a waste.
By now, most must have reminisced about the now legendary characters from Satya. There, Satya’s raw anger merged with his smoldering love for Vidya. Bhiku Mhatre’s bindaas and trigger-free attitude was a perfect folly to the boorish Kallu Mama. The actors gave more meat to the already meaty characters. Here neither the characters not the actors have any connection to each other. Ramu’s Satya aka Puneet Singh Ratn could have done better if the character was not so one-dimensional. The only thing you remember of Anaika Soti is her irritating innocence and curves. Aradhana Gupta does show faint promise but is laddled with a itsy-bitsy role and no scope for emoting. Two veteran actors – Mahesh Thakur as the scheming builder Lahotia and Ashok Samarth as suspended cop with an obsession for caps Solomon Fernandes – try to salvage the film. But that’s about it.
Ramu made a statement to IBNlive that Satya 2 is not a remake of the 1998 cult film. We wish it was. Satya 2 is a culmination of all the negative energies which he has encompassed in recent times due to some bad films. Ramu also made a statement that Chennai Express was better than Mughal-E-Azam. With this remark, we wish you luck in watching Satya 2 at your own risk.