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Movie Review: Krrish 3

Despite unnecessary baggage, check out Krrish 3 for Hrithik Roshan, Vivek Oberoi, Kangna Ranaut, VFX effects and action scenes. Here is the review to tell you more…

What makes a good yet entertaining film? Some manage to give sufficient answers, while a whole lot of the crap makes you wish to commit suicide by watching reruns of ‘RGV Ki Aag’. This time, it was time to watch the much awaited flick, ‘Krrish 3’, at the 9am! First day second show to a packed theatre. What we got was a whole lot of Hrithik Roshan (naturally), a spiffy action scenes and probably some of the coolest uses of special effects or VFX effects as the main attractions.
Director: Rakesh Roshan
Actors: Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Vivek Oberoi and Kangna Ranut
Music: Rajesh Roshan
Lyrics: Sameer
The story is as straight-laced and staid as Sylvester Stallone’s expressions (sorry dude, had to make a point. Will make up for this by watching Rocky back-to-back). Rohit Mehra (Hrithik Roshan with a slight pot-belly) is a happy man with a forever out-of-work hunk of a son Krishna or superhero Krrish (Hrithik) and hyper ‘I am so sexy’ daughter-in-law Priya (Priyanka Chopra). Rohit works for a research institute while Priya is still the journalist which many other journos are not. A virus which starts killing and harming people in minutes strikes Nairobi. Though an antidote is found, Rohit fears the virus is man-made for ulterior motive. You also meet Karl (Vivek Oberoi), a paralyzed below the neck genius who has telekinesis powers and owns a pharmaceutical company which creates these deadly viruses and its cures. Alongside creating human-animal mutants called Manwar, he is also looking for solution to overcome his disability and then rule the world. One of his Manwar creations is Kaya (Kangana Ranaut). The duo try to spread the deadly virus in Mumbai but are stopped by Rohit and Krrish. Now it is a battle of good versus evil and stop destruction.
Superheroes are so much fun, especially the countless movies coming to your theatres from Hollywood. Krrish 3 tries to match up with this influx from the west and to some extent, does a jolly good work of entertaining you. But it fails on the story level. For the uninitiated, the story, by same gang who wrote Koi..Mil Gaya and Krrish, is more predictable than boring and heavily clichéd, but it is not trashy for sure. Some remind you of Hollywood flicks. For example, the animal-human mutant factor seems to be taken from the film ‘The Island of Dr. Moreau’, based on a book. The film could have been engaging if they would kept it around 2 hours long than the 2 hours 33 minutes it is now. Also the dialogues feel as if written for a high school play. The abysmal music make the matter worse.
Krrish 3Hrithik Roshan does not disappoint you as Krrish. He looks superb and provides the character as much emotions as he can, though sometimes melodrama tries to jump out via his eyes and lower jaw. His Rohit comes out more of a caricature and you laugh every time he opens his mouth. Sadly, there is hardly anything for Priyanka Chopra in the film except look pretty, dance when she is supposed to be pregnant and create more trouble for Krrish. But the pick of the lot are Kangna Ranaut as Kaya and Vivek Oberoi as her evil boss Kaal. Kangna looks gorgeous in each outfit and frame she is in and you feel the evil oozing through her acting, body language and appearance. Vivek as Kaal is bang-on, via his voice, eyes and appearance. Though he is relegated to a wheelchair for most of the scenes, see his efforts to make the dark character come alive.
Director Rakesh Roshan is a master craftsman, in terms of making a good masala film. With Krrish 3 too, he makes a valiant attempt. He has managed to overshadow the lackluster script with loads of action scenes and emotional drama which works to a certain extent. Interestingly, the film is a good project to understand how to do product placement in style, including where you see Hrithik’s wife Suzanne’s interior store The Charcoal Project.
The special effects or VFX sequences are THE thing to watch, courtesy homegrown studio Red Chillies VFX. Every scene leaves you breathless. Cinematographer S Thirru’s efforts support the film well, though we wished the same for the editing by Chandan Arora. Another section which will have you cheering is the action department by Sham Kaushal and Siu-Thung Ching. In fact, Krrish 3 has outdone itself when it comes to the technical department, be it production design, art, costumes, sound department or the background music by Salim-Suleiman.
The past Fridays has seen a whole lot big projects going down, while smaller projects have gained substantial audience, profit and supporters. Krrish 3 straddles in between. With some super-cool VFX and action sequence combined with Hrithik and good efforts from Vivek and Kangna, it is a flawed entertainer. By the way, Vivek – the Tin Man called. He wants his tin suit back. Sigh!
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