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Goliyon ki Raasleela 'Ram Leela'

Ram Leela can remind one of Devdas, with sets that are equally grand and some great romance. However, the comparison is pointless, each movie has its own. Here is the review of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s latest…

Before you think I have gone mad, let me be clear, I haven’t (not yet anyway). The change in the name was due to a petition filed in the Delhi High Court, which stated that the previous name hurt the sentiments of some people. Hence, Sanjay Leela had to change ‘Ram Leela‘ to ‘Gooliyon ki Rasleela‘. After having a hearty laugh looking at the name printed on my ticket, I entered the theaters to watch the movie. Here is how the experience was…

Ram Leela 1
So, apparently, it confuses Wikipedia too! Maybe the person who filed the petition had a point?

Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali (once again, the guy does his job to perfection)
Producers: Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Chetan Deolekar, Kishore Lulla, Sandeep Singh (if you want your money back, here are the names you need to know. That situation probably won’t arise though!)
Based on Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare (nothing to do with Lord Ram as “some” would think!)


Ranveer-I-have-to-show-my-abs-all-the-time-Singh as Ram
Deepika-I-look-pretty-even-when-I-cry-Padukone as Leela
Richa Chadda as Raseela (she is Deepika’s bhabhi. Plays an important role and manages to look hot, despite sharing space with Deepika. So, kudos!)
Supriya Pathak as Leela’s mother (plays the role of a woman don, or something like that. Takes the character to wonderful heights and deserves the best of praises for the same)
Sharad Kelkar as Deepika’s elder brother (I forgot his name, but his role is somewhat important. Good acting)
Gulshan Devaiah as Bhavani (Deepika’s younger brother and the guy you’ll hate, most probably)
Barkha Bisht as Kesar (Ranveer’s bhabhi. Looks hot and does a good job with acting too)
Abhimanyu Singh as Ranveer’s elder brother (His is an important role too. Plays his part brilliantly!)
Priyanka Chopra as the item girl (sorry, no comments here. I am so smitten by her I’ll probably watch the item song once again!)
Music Director: Monty Sharma, Sanjay Leela Bhansali (the musical duo churned out some good songs. Wait! SLB? Whaat?)
Cinematography Ravi Varman
Running time 155 minutes (I think the length was more. Approx. 3 hours. Average Sanjay Leela movie run time!)
The movie starts with an undercover cop entering a village, where guns are sold openly. So the dialogue, “Sir, sabji mandi jaise khule aam bandooke bech rahe hai yeh log!“. We are given some insight on why this is so by a gun shop owner, when the scene changes to a boy peeing from his balcony. The person standing downstairs shouts at him, chases him and starts shooting at him. This leads to chaos, and in a town where everyone has guns (even the village ladies), a fight begins. And no, they do not waste bullets, they prefer throwing glass bottles at each other instead. Golya kon vaya ghalavnar?
This scene tells us the movie won’t have too much of logic (or there is a pati somewhere stating, “Dupari ithe bandookancha avaz karun zopmod karu naye! Banduki japta kelya jatil“), so we cannot hope for a masterpiece like ‘Black’ here. However, the movie is not a boring blue ‘Saawariyaa’ either. It is full of colours, thus the inclusion of some songs where people play holi. The movie is a typical love story, beginning with how two of the best looking people in town meet, fall in love but, happen to be from rival families. Their relation leads to tensions, some dhishum-dhishum, and so on. However, it is not so typical!
Done ogling? Get back to reading now!

We have seen gangsters from Mumbai, the outrageous village gun fights of Bihar and Punjabi ‘Hum khoon ki holi khelte hai’ kind of movies, but the Gujarati is always the dhokla-loving docile guy. Sanjay Leela brings us a very different, gun-loving side of Gujarat. The story is about two rival families, the Sanedas and the Rajadis. Their rivalry goes on for centuries and one that evokes hatred in sides. The child who pee’s on the road and gets fired at for it, is the son of Ranveer’s brother, Rajadi head to be, who is obviously enraged at Bhavani (this is a guy’s name, seriously! Bhavani hails from the rival gang, Sanedas!) for the wanton shooting. Ranveer, however, has no interest in bloodshed and revenge. He is a Gujarati playboy, who is quite into his ghagra-chooli dames and ghan-ghan movie (those that we guys save in various folders with boring names) shop. Clearly, villagers don’t know about torrent, so they just watch it at this shop! Anyways, the other side has Supriya Pathak, as the head. She presides over the gang, which have Deepika’s elder brother and Bhavani (the cousin) as senapati, maybe? Ranveer in his zest enter’s the enemies turf to play holi with enemy dames and is mesmerised by Deepika (who isn’t?). The two share great chemistry and soon, a love story begins. However, some khoon-kharaba happens and the lovey-dovey couple face a challenge. What happens next is the movie!
More ogling? I know I shouldn’t have put so many distractions!

Ranveer and Deepika are perfect, their chemistry is great and they are good in their roles. Supriya Pathak brings us a strong female character, who is unabashed and wants everything to go by her terms. She can give Amrish Puri some competition in the hot-headed elderly member category and that, for any woman is extremely hard to do. You are reminded of Hansa at times (for her Gujarati accent makes her more like her Khichdi character, and she is always seen relaxing and having others do work for her) but she is nothing like any character’s she must have previously played. She is funny yet serious and shows a rare acting capability very less Indian actresses possess. The other characters are good, but no match to Supriya. The other aspects of the movie are what hold your attention (unless you are ogling Deepika or if you’re a girl, minutely observing Ranveer’s abs). The cinematography is beautiful, sets are magnificent and some shots are a visual delight, which makes the movie extremely watchable. The film is with some very adult dialogues, some aai-bahin shivya (in Gujju style ofcourse!) and lots of Deepika-Ranveer moments that are inappropriate to watch with family members. So before you make plans of taking your ajji-ajoba with you to watch this one, wait, think, and then don’t do it! Mitran barobar jane, aai-vadlanna apla apla jaude!
The verdict: give it a watch. There are no exceptional movies in theaters at the moment, so it won’t be a bad idea. If you’re a couple, I believe you’ll forget to do your lovey-dovey-make-others-uneasy PDA. The guy will be ogling Deepika (FC Road varchya sagalya pori visaral!) and the girl Ranveer (aai, mala ashi mula ka nahi dakhvat? Sagale NRI paise wale well-settled mula ka na?).  What I enjoyed about the movie was ofcourse Deepika, Supriya’s acting (did I really talk more about her than Deepika?), the visual delight only Sanjay Leela Bhansali can bring and mainly, the politics. I would definitely recommend watching the movie this weekend (unless Sachin comes back to bat for the second innings).

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Vedvrat – you got the families wrong – Ranveer is a Rajadi and Deepika a Saneda… Bhavani is a cousin for he tries to kill his bua (Supriya Pathak)… i enjoyed the film for its camera and art but As far as dialogues go – no soul. nothing that holds it together.

Thanks for the correction Prachi. Sanjay Leela Bhansali movies are not quite known for a catching storyline it seems. Exception: Black.

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