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Youth Global Internship Program – AIESEC

If you’re someone looking for an internship that also offers Global exposure and more, we have something you might be interested in…

“Today the working environment is not confined to a local space and the world has become a global village in which you must become a citizen if you want to reach some place higher” -Charan, intern in Taiwan for Comfort Mobility Corporation. AIESEC, a non-profit global youth run organization, works towards the advancement of the youth so as to achieve that success as a Global citizen and a prospective professional.
YGIP (Youth Global Internship Program) is an international internship program for graduates and post graduates where AIESEC sends one abroad to develop an international perspective in their field and also to gain valuable international personal and professional experience. With an opportunity to explore internships throughout the world, the interns have the privilege to work in a qualified global exposure and attain a substantial foundation for future endeavors. This program is not about visiting developed countries but is more about developing oneself through a series of challenging opportunities. Moreover, an acceptable stipend will also be provided to cover your basic necessities in the nation of your internship.
The survey, conducted between Dec. 1 and Dec. 4, 2012, polled more than 7,300 students and recent graduates, as well as over 300 human resources and recruitment professionals. The results show that internships truly have become the “new interview” in the job search process for students and employers alike. In this combative world, where it is exceedingly challenging for students and recent graduates to earn a desired job placement, internships serve as an immediate advantage leading to better job oppurtunities. The survey also found that 66% of employers believe interview performance and relevant work experience are the most important factors in their hiring decisions—far more significant than strong academic performance.
Having been exposed to international working conditions, interns are empowered to approach situatuations in an informed and critical manner. In the age of globalization and the time where a wide spectrum of skillsets and qualities are in demand, employers are more likely to choose candidates not only with an extensive foundation in their field, but also a personally enriched and reflective base with an ability to drive oneself and the others towards advancement.
“An international internship is a big boosting stone rather than a stepping stone which gives you proper exposure to this global village culture, where you are expected to be a useful contributor to the fast paced environment. I could really say that I have learnt a lot in these 2-3 weeks of how the east and west merge and adapt to the situations to work coherently and I can surely say that it taught me a lot of lessons already, which will definitely take me places.” -Charan.
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