NH7 Weekender Schedule


The NH7 is back and this time it starts with Pune. Here is the schedule for the same.

To book tickets and more information, please see: http://nh7intown.com/pune/festivals/bacardi-nh7-weekender-pune/19501?ifr=msch

http://chalet-location-toussuire.com/medved/66 Day 1:

3:20-4:30pm Castles in the sky Breezer Dub Station
4-4:35pm The Colour Compound MST Other Stage
4:35-5:15 Parvaaz The Dewarists
4:30pm-5:40pm Big City Harmonics Breezer Dub Station
5:15-5:45 Siddharth Basrur MST Other Stage
5:40-6:50 Sickflip Breezer Dub Station
5:45-6:35 Shankar Tucker The Dewarists
6:35-7:05 Your Chin MST Other Stage
6:50-7:50 Ruskin Breezer Dub Station
7:05-8:05 Blackstratblues The Dewarists
7:50-8:50 Reji Breezer Dub Station
8:05-8:35 Ankur Tewari MST Other Stage
8:35-9:50 Indian Ocean The Dewarists
8:50- 9:50 Reggae Rajahs Breezer Dub Station


http://www.comitesdepistagecancers.fr/ployka/4682 Day 2:

3:30-4 A Mutual Question Red Bull Tour Bus
3:30-4 Carlton & The Saints MTS Other Stage
3:20-4:30 The Spin Doctors Breezer Dub Station
4-4:30 Devoid Bacardi Arena
4-5 Maati Baani The Dewarists
4:30-5 Tajdar Junaid Red Bull Tour Bus
4:30-5:30 Paralights Breezer Dub Station
4:45-5:45 Vachan Eristoff Wolves Den
5-6 Scribe Bacardi Arena
5:30-6:30 Slow Club The Dewarists
5:30-6:30 Frame/Frame Breezer Dub Station
6-6:30 The Mavyns Red Bull Tour Bus
6-7 Nucleya Eristoff Wolves Den
6:30-7:30 Skindred Bacardi Arena
6:30-7 Suman Sridhar featuring Jiver MTS Other Stage
6:30-7:30 Simple Sample Breezer Dub Station
7-8 Midival Punditz The Dewarists
7:15-8:15 BLOT vs Kohra Eristoff Wolves Den
7:30-8:20 The Supersonics Red Bull Tour Bus
7:30-8:40 Deadly Hunta Breezer Dub Station
8-8:30 Nischay Parekh MTS Other Stage
8:20-9:40 Textures Bacardi Arena
8:30-9:50 The Raghu Dixit Project The Dewarists
8:30-9:50 Simian Mobile Disco Eristoff Wolves Den
8:40-9:50 OX7GEN Breezer Dub Station


find out here Day 3:

3:20-4:30 Func Breezer Dub Station
3:30-4 Bone Broke Red Bull Tour Bus
3:30-4 The Koniac Net MTS Other Stage
3:30-4:30 Madboy/Mink Eristoff Wolves Den
4-4:30 Sky Rabbit Bacardi Arena
4-5 Prateek Kuhad Collective The Dewarists
4:10-5 Tipshot Crew Breezer Dub Station
4:30-5 The Vinyl Records Red Bull Tour Bus
4:50-5:50 Krunk All-Stars Eristoff Wolves Den
5-6 Pentagram Bacardi Arena
5-5:35 Dhruv Visvanath MTS Other Stage
5-5:50 Johnny B Breezer Dub Station
5:30-6:30 Winit Tikoo The Dewarists
5:50-6:40 DJ Sa Breezer Dub Station
6-6:30pm Modern Mafia Red Bull Tour Bus
6:10-7:10 Donn Bhat+Passenger Relevator Eristoff Wolves Den
6:30-7:45 Chase & Status DJ Set Bacardi Arena
6:30-7:30 Vir Das’ Alien Chutney MTS Other Stage
6:40-7:40 Humble The Poet Breezer Dub Station
7:30-8:30 Papon & The East India Company The Dewarists
7:30-8:30 Dualist Enquiry Eristoff Wolves Den
7:40-8:30 Su-Real Breezer Dub Station
7:45- 8:30 Party Scribe Red Bull Tour Bus
8:30-9:50 Karsh Kale Collective+The NH7 All Stars Bacardi Arena