Food Review: Krusty's

Krusty’s in Kothrud is the latest interesting option for everyone, though the price might be a spoil-sport. Here is the review of the newly opened restaurant..

Kothrud and the nearby areas have always been the domain of the middle-class and upper-middle Maharashtrian crowd who might try out something different but have strong Indian food habits. Now added to a long chain of eateries, Krusty’s, is a cafe-cum-restaurant which serves an array of products – sandwich, pizzas, breakfast items, pies (which is supposed to be their bestseller), coffees and tea, iced drinks, desserts like macaroons, tiramisu and cheesecakes, frozen yoghurts and other baked products. Off we went to find out if they were providing something new to Kothrud and Pune.
[divider ]Ambience[/divider]
Sitting AreaOne of the first things to hit is the brightness of the place, right from the yellow restaurant sign and exterior to the brightly lit interiors. It does feel inviting and the tables are a mix, right from a communal table to interesting looking yellow chairs with a neat round table and picnic tables. It is quite spacious for a group to hang out and chances are you won’t be jostling for space. As we went during the week day at an odd time, the crowd was less. The only trouble is they have just one menu board near the main counter. Some of us will mind going to the counter every time we have to place an order.
[divider ]Food and Drinks[/divider]
Gulkand Cheesecake Macchiato 1Yes, you do have quite a few options, right from breakfast items to normal continental stuff, you might be careful, as stuff like pies get over soon. Inquiring about availability before placing an order would be a good idea. We took to ordering some drinks to get started. It was a regular cup of Macchiato or espresso coffee in Italian (Rs 75) and an interesting iced drink called Masala Chili Mojito (Rs 95). The Macchiato seemed like the authentic espresso shot with a hint of milk. Not the stuff for everyone, this one got it right with the taste. The mojito was quite tangy, with a good dose of masala (though it tasted something like chaat masala). It was slurp worthy enough with a good hint of mint leaves, though a little less of ice cube and sugar would have achieved mojito perfection. Next, we choose the Spectacular Spinach Corn Pizza, all of 9 inch (Rs 320), Barbeque Chicken Pie (Rs 135) and Jerk Chicken with Tzatziki Sauce Sandwich (Rs 170). The Jerk Chicken with Tzatziki Sandwich was a clear winner, with good amount chicken well-coated in jerk spice. A good but not overwhelming amount of Tzatziki Sauce along with some spinach went well with the chicken. The fact that they had used brown bread which had been grilled to perfection gave the sandwich a different flavour. The Barbeque Chicken Pie came out as the second best thing with barbeque sauce being quite authentic and the chicken was not totally coated in the sauce. But beware the sauce is unlike the spicy one available in India. Though the pie was a bit cold by the time we ate it, it was not at all soggy or hardened. Only the size seemed too small for the amount charged for it. The Spectacular Spinach Corn Pizza was quite neat, if not ‘spectacular’. Thankfully, the size was perfect for two or three people to eat, if ordering more than one item and the spinach, corn and cheese did not overshadow each other. We ended the meal with an interesting Gulkand Cheesecake (Rs 130). Unlike most desserts in India, where whipped cream is found in abundance, this one had light biscuit base and cream cheese (just guessing). The gulkand tasted amazing and the cheesecake was not too sweet.
[divider ]Service[/divider]
Masala Chilli MojitoThe good thing is that the place is spacious but not large. You will be able to place your order neatly but will take a bit of time to be served. The waiters are obliging enough if you tell them to divide the pies or you need something. A word of caution – the staff is quite polite but be clear while giving orders. We wanted iced tea but got the mojito as the guy taking our orders misunderstood us.
[divider ]Verdict[/divider]
While some might be dismissive of the place due to the small quantity in comparison to the price charged, Krusty’s in Kothrud can be called a respectable eatery to hang-out and eat with ease. In an area where usually desi stuff rules the local tummies, this place might work for you. Only if it were a little cheap.

Details: Where: Plot 1, Survey 17/1B/2, Saudamini, Near Karishma Society, Kothrud Open: All days Rate: 500-800 approx. for two people Time: 8am to 11pm Contact Details: 020 30570433
Facilities: No parking; Home delivery coming soon; Air-conditioned

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its a nice place but little over priced. For example the a small slice of cheese cake is not worth Rs 130, also the coffee shot and the pie is over priced for the quantity they serve.

I loved whatever I ate at Krustys. The quality and the food they serve is overall very good, but a little over priced I feel .

I loved whatever I ate at Krustys. The quality of food they serve and the taste is awesome. Only a little over priced I feel for some food items, either they should increase the quantity or reduce the prices

Thanks for sharing your views. And yes, the price factor could be toned down… but the food tasted amazing

Food is really mediocre-to-poor for the price that they charge, ambience is good but I won’t visit again as I didn’t like the food.

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