Clean Diwali Campaign

Punekar takes up the initiative of Clean Diwali this festive season. Here is what the campaign is all about and the rules and regulations of the same…

Ever since its inception, The Punekar has been a website that reciprocates the ideals and behaviour of the people of Pune. The Punekar has gone much further ever since, representing Pune’s core beliefs, thus, becoming a website Punekar’s can relate to. We have had our funny moments, which talked about our behavioural traits, our food habits, our loved monuments, our getaways and our movies and plays. This time around, we go to do something serious and take up a campaign we truly believe in.
Diwali has been a festival of lights and one that makes Punekars happy, only second to the Ganesh Festival. The long holidays it brings us (unfortunately, 2 of those have clashed with our weekend) and the wonderful atmosphere of pharalacha khana, new clothes, decorated house with pantis, aakash kandil, etc. and the general festivities it brings is something we cherish. Diwali is celebrated in Pune in a huge way and is an auspicious occasion for all Punekars. However, the festival has one thing that should be excluded keeping in mind the current scenario; the bursting of firecrackers.
We have all at some point in time, enjoyed bursting crackers and we will not go on to say it is bad in any way. It gives one happiness and one cannot deny the happiness one see’s in a small child’s eye while he plays with a phulbaji (this is not a phulachi bhaji, bad joke count 1!) while his elders look on. However, Pune has grown a lot and we have lost the things that made us ‘A Pensioner’s Paradise’. We have very less green cover, our tekadis are encroached upon, the number of vehicles (which was already high a few years back too) has multiplied at a rapid pace and we have lost the beauty in the city. The bungalows and wadas we so loved are today replaced with high rise buildings, the green cover by a cement jungle of sorts. Every crossroads have traffic jams and the pollution in the city is something that has made healthy living an impossibility. The cool breeze that the city would once bring is replaced with hot dusty winds and it is no surprise that even though we are a society that doesn’t believe in making women dress from head to toe (some do but most Punekars don’t), we are a city known for women shielding themselves with scarves all the time. We crib and cry about the pollution in the city at every occasion we find, we complain that it has got too noisy and lost it’s silent charm. Well, it is time to stop cribbing and bring a small change wherever possible.
We cannot give up travelling by bikes and cars (or can we? Why not take “Palto mi” literally? Bad joke 2, maybe?), our public transport has a lot to develop before we even think of doing such a thing. We may not be able to drive even a short distance without honking (and giving wonderful adjectives to the other people’s family members) at some reckless driver or pedestrian. However, we can do our part of not adding to the noise and air pollution this Diwali, by not bursting crackers. I may not be a very environmentally driven Punekar, however, I still remember the oath I was asked to be taken in school. Most would go on to sign a pledge saying, “We will not burst crackrs” in Diwali just to please their teachers, however, I somehow felt like sticking to it. At an age when all my friends would be seen enjoying the thrill of bursting a stuali bomb or a Laxmi bomb or breaking havoc with a endless maal (hi maal galyat ghalun phiru naye, sad joke count rises!), I would enjoy Diwali the silent way (and boring some might say).
pati-1This Diwali, we ask you to suggest us a way to celebrate Diwali in a fun but noiseless and pollution-free way. The Clean Diwali campaign will have you, The Punekars, share your ideas of celebrating Diwali with us. We will take each into consideration and share the best ones with fellow Punekars, so that we learn to celebrate Diwali in a different light. We hope to get your support for the same. We invite you to share your ideas via images (which can be posted to us through our Facebook Page, Twitter Page or by directly emailing it to us). You can tweet your ideas using the hashtag #CleanDiwaliPune also mentioning our twitter account using @Punekar . The Facebook Page will act as the medium for sharing any images and videos for the same. There will be Prizes too (no we are not joking, Punekar Diwali gift denyat tari chingusi karat nahit! Last of the faltu jokes). So we look forward to hear from you.
Here are some of the rules and regulations for the contest that you’ll find being the highlight of The Punekar this Diwali. If there are still any queries, feel free to comment or contact us directly.

  • The winner of the contest will be chosen by internal judging of The Punekar team, its associates and partners.
  • The photos with the maximum likes on Facebook and Tweets on Twitter would be entered for final judging.
  • In case of a tie, the decision of the The Punekar Team would be final and binding. No correspondence would be entertained in this regard.
  • There will be three (3) runners up in all and one winner.
  • Posting images/videos for the contest will end on November 6, 2013 at 11 pm IST.
  • Winners will be individually contacted for their details after the announcement of the results.
  • Other terms and conditions apply
  • Prizes will be announced in due course and dispatched to the winners.