Diwali Vatavaran tight ahe!

Being eco-friendly this Diwali

With Diwali round the corner, here are a few eco-friendly ways to celebrate the festival and get the best of the festivities for you and others…

It’s again the day of Diwali!  The festival that brings a beautiful melange of great enthusiasm and mirth, celebrated to break the monotony of our mundane lives. It’s the day when the excitement of shopping surges to a higher altitude altogether, leaving a hole in our pockets. But in spite of it, the dilemma/ trauma of shelling out is over-weighted by the bright sparkles of contentment of the joyous environment. In the midst of all that, we are supposed to keep in mind the fragile state of the earth. In our own small ways, we can indeed celebrate this auspicious festival and contribute in saving our environment too.
Go on a bender on embellishments from home!
Just because it is Diwali, it doesn’t mean you just splurge for buying unnecessary embellishments to decorate your house. Why not opt for things to flash that you have at home. Decorating the house can include making a beautiful Rangoli with flowers. Sets of Kundan Rangoli are easily available in the market that can be reused for any forthcoming festivals too.
Embrace Nature this Diwali
Bring in some Indoor plants and pots to make the house look comfy. Filling up old bronze and brass urns with flowers and displaying them at the corner of your living space makes your house look cultural and festive.
Diwali is all about lights…

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Yes, we totally agree upon the fact that Diwali is the Festival of lights, but we got to contemplate about how we can bring radiance in our home, while still being friendly with our environment. Here is what we can do! Light Terra-cotta earthen lanterns (Diyas) designed to burn longer than regular commercial lamps with its glass chimneys protecting the flame to get extinguished from the wind. You may add Aromatic Diya Oils to get your home smelling of divine fragrances that will make your feel tranquilized and relaxed.
Fire-crackers….is it a must?… Make sure you don’t go deaf
Think of an atom bomb just bursting on the road while passing by, leaving your senses ringing for seconds. Spare yourself and others by going ecological by buying those Eco-friendly crackers made of recycled paper. The sound produced by these crackers is under the decibel limit defined by the Pollution Board. These crackers produce paper fluffers and different color lights instead of sound on bursting. Now you may indulge out heartedly in bursting firecrackers and make a mark of remembrance for this year. Or not burst crackers at all, there are other ways to celebrate the festival too, right?
So this Diwali lets dare to be different. Take it upon ourselves to ensure that our city is in safe hands.
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