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That haunting melody

Does horror make a monkey out of you? How about going for some scary song to add the effects?

Whether you like it or not, horror does bring the curious cat out of you. Many just cannot have enough of those scary moments and people like yours truly prefer ducking under the cushions and watching with your eyes covered. Last week, crime was the new pink and this time, let us speak about some fabulous piece of musical delight which made a name for themselves in the world of horror. While many films were classics, others became saving graces due to these songs. For me, horror remains one genre which does not top the list of my favourites. While some of these songs were for horror films, a few were on the borderline of horror/thrillers. Like the article or not, the songs do make up for a good hearing.
Aayega aanewalaIt is probably the one song which might come to mind, when the subject of horror songs arises. This masterpiece by Khemchand Prakash launched Lata Mangheskar in the true sense. But of course, Madhubala became the name she is after this flick. The song is haunting in an unusual way – an extremely slow start with simple lyrics and instrumentation. It is the longing of the lover for her sweetheart which makes this song so hauntingly beautiful.
Kahin Deep JaleTry this trick and let us know if you get frightened or not. Hear this magnificent song at night, when no one at home in dim lighting. We betcha that you will be petrified. Composed by Hemant Kumar, written by Shakeel Badayuni and sung by none other than Horror Specialist Lata Mangheskar (I’m not saying her voice is horrific. It is the melodious tune and her soulful voice that evokes a petrifying emotion.). This song wins hands down when voted for the best horror song. In fact, many movies or serials have used it for focusing on their horror element.
NAINA BARSE  From Woh Kaun Thi?
Naina BarseYet again, Didi returns with her mellifluous voice and sings this melody about a haunted woman longing for her beloved. Though it is not as terrifying as Kahin Deep, it established connection between horror and lady in white for all Hindi films. The best part is that since the song had to be shot in various parts upon actress Sadhana and Didi was not available to sing the song at the time for the shoot, the music director Madan Mohan sung the song. Later, Didi lent her voice which still haunts us.
Jhoom JhoomLata Didi literally sings like a storm in this song. The film was an adaptation of the Alfred Hitchcock film ‘Rebecca‘ and had Hemant Kumar yet again creates some horror special song. Music connoisseurs might have heard this song but many might miss it, courtesy the other popular song, Yeh Nayan Dare Dare. Listen carefully as Didi goes from high pitch to slow to make the song sound eerie. It does work in terrorising you.
Gumnaam Hai KoiIt creates an eerie atmosphere for a suspense thriller. The film was based on Agatha Christie’s novel ‘And Then There were None‘, while the song composed by Shankar-Jaikisan and sung by Didi, was a cover version of acclaimed music composer Henry Mancini’s title song for the movie ‘Charade‘. Like Kahin Deep Jale, this song too has an aura around it. Added bonus: a creepy laughter provided by Didi.
JawsShark never became so scary, as they were in this Steven Spielberg flick. You never thought they could plan cold-blooded murder. And the theme song lent itself to add the scary element to all the blood and gore you witnessed in this film and its sequels. Created by the ever-dependable John Williams, the theme song is exactly how a shark would attack – slowly approaching the prey and then flash attack. Millions have gone home scarred after seeing the film and hearing the music.
KHEL SAVALYANCHA From Khel Savalyancha
Ha Khel Savalyancha
How can you miss this Marathi song sung by Mahendra Kapoor (what a change)? The movie is all about a rich heiress being haunted into madness. The fiancee sings about the games played by shadows and Kapoor’s voice scares you comfortably thanks to the great music and lyrics.
LOVE SONG OF A VAMPIRE From Bram Stroker’s Dracula
Love Song For a VampireFrancis Ford Coppola of ‘ The Godfather‘ fame directed a horror classic on the book by the same name and in came Scottish singer Annie Lennox whose deep-throated voice lent a haunting appeal to this ballad. A slow start via violins, it goes on a high pitch in the middle with drums to end on a slow end. A beautiful number, it creates the perfect image of a vampire movie, though we doubt whether you would love him or not, after this movie.
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