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Rush- Everyone’s driven by something

Rush is about the death defying rivalry between two Formula One World Champions. Here is the review of t the movie..

Chris Hemsworth – James Hunt
Daniel Brühl – Niki Lauda
Olivia Wilde – Suzy Miller
Alexandra Maria Lara – Marlene Knaus
[divider ]The storyline[/divider]
An exhilarating story, Rush brings us the nail-biting, 1976 Formula 1 season with rivals James Hunt and Niki Lauda defying death to win the World Championship. Once the tension of the merciless rivalry is built up, Lauda meets with an almost fatal accident during one of the races. While he fights for his life for the next few weeks, Hunt catches up on championship points in the ensuing races. After some very painful procedures, Lauda is back on the race track only six weeks (two races) after his accident. Both drivers outshine each other with every race, which leads the title fight to the final race on a rain-lashed circuit in Fuji, Japan.
[divider ]The lead characters[/divider]
movies-rush-chris-hemsworth-daniel-bruhlOnce both the lead characters are introduced, you think they couldn’t have been more different. Lauda is a perfectionist. Strong, disciplined, methodical, self-assured and immodest. Hunt is a dangerously handsome playboy with an endearing childlike quality. His life in a nutshell; booze, women, parties and racing. After a while, you realise their similarities. They’re arrogant, stubborn, unfeeling and very, very competitive. Both dangerous behind the wheel. Sure, such qualities make great racers but you’ll find that both are hated at some point or other during the film. Although their rivalry will keep you at the edge of your seat, their obvious respect for each other will warm your heart. They don’t kid themselves about one being superior to the other. Each knows exactly what the other is capable of on the race track.
[divider ]The overall film[/divider]
The combination of Lauda and Hunt, the fierce rivalry, the thrill of speed and racing, all make this film what it is; an epic about two of the greatest Formula 1 drivers ever. Some of the off-the-race-track scenes make for wonderful viewing. Lauda speeding along the Italian countryside with his would-be wife Marlene and two wildly excited locals on the backseat is one such delightful scene. And of course, how can I miss out on the cars! Vintage speed machines those. There’s a little bit of romance, a good amount of comic relief and unbridled passion for the racing sport. All in all, a genius piece of work! If you are a fan of the sport, the film is an absolute must watch. If you aren’t, well, it’s still a must watch.

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