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Movie Review: Shuddh Desi Romance

It is a romance for the young generation and those young at heart. Very desi and some breezy moments. That’s Shuddh Desi Romance, for you.

You see, bathrooms can be quite a useful thing in a country like India and in this film; it plays a more important role. It does help the lead actors in their “shuddh” love (pure in a different way). I would like to call it a shuddh bathroom rom-com (do not take it otherwise).
Director: Maneesh Sharma
Actor: Sushant Singh Rajput, Parineeti Chopra, Vani Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics: Jaideep Sahni
YRF Films, these days, is doing a list of experimentations, in terms of stories, choice of actors and trust in upcoming directors. And so you get Maneesh Sharma (whose previous experiments were ‘Band Bajaa Baraat‘ and ‘Ladies Vs Ricky Behl‘), Sushant Singh Rajput and Parineeti Chopra thrown in together, along with the fabulous Rishi Kapoor. Here, we have an actual romantic film of today’s generation and the surprise setting is the rising metro city, Jaipur. The film works on quite a few levels, despite loose ends. The bonus point is it is just two hours and 10 minutes approximately.
You meet the lead, Raghuram Sitaram aka Raghu (Sushant) and Gayatri (Parineeti) on their way for his wedding to Ajmer, to Tara (Vani). Gayatri is a hired baraati by Goyal (Rishi), who ‘organises’ weddings. An instant chemistry and a few kisses later, Raghu runs away. Before you even finish telling someone besides you that ‘Parineeti and Priyanka are cousins’, the lead couple move in together. Shuddh Desi Romance? Or Instant Desi Love? You decide. Their Life has all sun and lots of shiny moments, till they decide to get married. Once you get out of that drama, enter Tara who has revenge on her mind.
shuddh Desi1Here’s the deal. The film speaks the language of the generation which probably relates to a live-in relationship and their utter confusion over marriage and commitment. Sleeping together, kissing each other or sharing a cigarettes is the norm and shown with ease here. The beauty of the film lies in the believable characters. Raghu is the confused yet confident guy whose tongue is something when cheating foreign tourists as a guide but totally spaced out in matters of the heart. Gayatri is a confident ‘today’s woman’ who loves the concept of romance, live-in, shares Raghu’s confusion about marriage but is more confident in what she should do. You connect with the situations. The little details in characters and surroundings might let you forget that the second-half which somehow drags, in terms of what the characters might be thinking or doing.
With a few hits, lots of laurels and awards too, Parineeti does keep up the promise of making us believe in her character. Her Gayatri comes out as someone who is vulnerable but not stupid. She is today’s woman who probably knows her way around heart and men, but comes out more shuddh. She is a perfect match for Sushant whose Raghu is quintessentially the young Indian guy – smart in many ways but a bit confused on how to handle relations and the Indian woman of today. Do learn from Sushant on how to use one’s face and body language to convey the character’s emotions. Vani Kapoor is pretty good in her debut but pales out before the others. But we expect good things from the gorgeous lass. If there is one character with whom you share the feelings, it would be Rishi Kapoor’s Goyalji. He perfectly plays a small-time marriage organiser who understands emotions but is at loss at their bathroom games (see the film) and non-commitment. He gets his act perfectly, down to the accent. Plus it is fun to see the foodie in him hog so much.
The experience of watching this shuddh movie gets slightly better, courtesy some good music by Sachin-Jigar. Technically too, the film runs smoothly and looks picture perfect. In fact, it is too like the postcard out of your dream. But the camerawork is what the movie asked for. No complaints there. Dialogues by Jaideep Sahni probably add the zest needed and are the clear winner here.
The story is path-breaking in terms of story idea. What make the film a must-watch at least once are fantastic scenes which carry the film forward along with the characters. Sharma’s direction does create a lovable magic. It is indeed a shuddh desi romance (with some kisses put in).
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