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Movie Review: Kumari Gangubai Non-Matric

Not exactly path-breaking, Kumari Gangubai Non-Matric is still a watchable film, courtesy some good humour and fabulous acting

Language: Marathi
Director: Rajesh Deshpande
Actors: Nirmitee Sawant, Paddy Kamble, Nagesh Bhosale, Anand Ingle
The good news is Gangubai is back. The amusing news is that after some amazing run-in with great Marathi flicks the past few Fridays, this film gives you just a tickle and some nice time. It does manage to provide you with a nice time but the buck stops there. Kumari Gangubai Non-matric was a massively popular character on television and Nirmitee Sawant confirmed her ticket to comedy superstardom with this role. And like any maker true to his salt, the maker will try to squeeze the product dry. Gangu and her side-kick Choo appear on big screen to speak for the drought-stricken villager against the corrupt politicians and beat them at their own game.
Gangu and Choo are protesting against politicos who have been giving empty promises to the villagers especially a local politico named Jadhav (Nagesh Bhosale). Jadhav, a bumbling politician who loves to sing his way through and is tired being the opposition party member, meets Gangu and is made to realise by his secretary that she resembles chief minister Vishwajeetsinh Dodage Patil’s (Anand Ingle) wife Achala. According to Jadhav, Gangu will be able to make the changes she wants, if she replaces Achala. And for him, it means bringing down the CM. They do that but a small change is in store for them. With the elections near, the CM’s constituency has been reserved for women and the CM convinces Achala or Gangu to stand for election. Through her, he still stays in power. Meanwhile, the real Achala is made to believe she is Gangu and she gets to taste reality via Gangu’s parents. What will happen next is for you to find once you go to the theatres.
IMG_5321It is impossible not to like this film. It is a complete potboiler and makes sure that you stay entertained for the two hours you are in the theatre. You smile throughout with an occasional chuckle to give a change to the mood. Since the film was never marketed as a mind-blower, your chances of being happy will be pleasant. Director Rajesh Deshpande who is brain behind the characters and story, must have had a gala time writing the story, as it shows in the film’s entertaining form. Technical support is present but nothing to talk about. Same goes for the music. The dialogues are the attraction, though.
The thing that creates maximum buzz and quite rightly so is the acting. Nirmitee Sawant is Gangu and despite having played this funnily innocent and dashing woman so many times, you still end up loving her. Same goes for Choo played by Paddy Kamble who looks and acts adorable. Anand Ingle is funny, slightly evil and apt as the chief minister. A special mention must go for the actress who plays Jadhav’s mistress. She has played the bimbette with such aplomb that you just fall for her. But the man of the moment is Nagesh Bhosale who plays wickedly funny Jadhav so brilliantly that you want him in each and every frame. And mind you, he does get the maximum footage and best dialogues. From the looks of it, he must have enjoyed playing this role. The rest of the cast are a good support.
Yes, the film is not exactly fabulous material but you might enjoy watching Kumari Gangubai Non-matric. The film’s sincerity shows. Have a great two hours at least once.

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