Fashion perfect with Nivedita Saboo

Nivedita Saboo opens her flagship store in Kalyani Nagar, ‘Nivedita Saboo Couture’, which caters to men and women in home décor, apparels and accessories. She talks to us about fashion, the store and Puneri fashionistas…

It is always a happy thing for us Punekars to keep on hearing all good news from our very own fashion designer Nivedita Saboo. She has always created a buzz for her creations, locally, nationally and internationally. Her fans and those who are aware of her works will be more than happy to hear the news that she will launch her new Nivedita Saboo Couture flagship at Kalyani Nagar on September 14. What you expect to find in this store is a fantastic collection of home décor, apparels (but of course) and accessories for men and women. Nivedita speaks to The Punekar about her new venture and what it holds for one and all.
Please elaborate on what exactly is being offered in the store.
The new flagship store ‘Nivedita Saboo Couture’ is a fashion connoisseurs utopia. An experiential one-stop shop for all haute mode men and women’s wear chic apparel and classy accessories complemented by distressed décor accessories. The Kalyani Nagar store will house fashion essentials for men and women – western and Indian in both formal and casual wear. The store will house a variety of fashion wear for men in apparels like suits, jackets, kurtis, shirts, shoes, accessories and other essentials for a complete couture make over. It also has a charming café set up adjoining the villa overlooking a luscious lawn for personal consultations and tête-à-têtes with the designer for your requirements.
Will it be an exclusive Nivedita Saboo store?
The store will exclusively house ‘Nivedita Saboo Couture’ creations.
What is the reason for diversification, in terms of products?
Nivedita Saboo Couture has grown in the fashion space of apparels and accessories for women with tremendous appreciation. I have also indulged and expanded into men’s wear, leather merchandise and other men accessories. Like any other international luxury brand, expanding into other luxury lifestyle products was just a natural progression for the label. The Kalyani Nagar store is designed cater to our customer for all their haute fashion and luxury lifestyle needs with attention to quality services that is synonymous with our label all under one roof.
With many stores around in apparels, home decor and so on, wouldn’t it be a competition?
Competition is healthy and welcome. However, at ‘Nivedita Saboo Couture’, we are dedicated to making available elite personalised services to our clients that suit their desires and comforts. Our ‘Bespoke Travel’ service offered to patrons is one such exclusive experiential only offered here. My patrons are loyal as they recognise the quality of services and products available here at ‘Nivedita Saboo Couture’.
Who is your target buyer? How would you define the Puneri buyer coming to a store like this?
‘Nivedita Saboo Couture’ loyalists are fashion aficionados who are up-to-date with current trends worldwide. Pune is rapidly developing as and the kind of people who understand luxury and are well exposed, well-travelled and abreast with international trends in fashion. Our target buyer is an extremely aware one and looks at innovation as an important and distinguishing factor while making a purchase. At ‘Nivedita Saboo Couture’ we not only cater to bespoke requests but also innovate and structure new designs specifically for our clients without compromising on luxury, class and quality.
Finally, who can come to your store as a buyer and why?
Fashionistas looking to experience bespoke styling from Nivedita, get personalised fashion consultations and acquire their very own ‘Nivedita Saboo Couture ‘ensemble.