Another Modak, Please?

Want to celebrate bappa’s birthday with some ukadiche modaks (steamed modaks)? Well, these places are the ones to help you savour the taste..!


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Making ukdiche modak is an art. Quite a few of us don’t know how to make them or are short of time for making them. Others, are blessed to have mothers who make wonderful ukdiche modak. However, you can’t expect her to keep making them everyday. Most Punekars are quite used to finishing a week’s preparation of the lovely delicacy on the first day of Ganeshotsav itself. If you’re one of them, there’s no need to keep pestering your mom for the modaks. Let her rest for a while. There’s no need to worry as a few establishments are making sure that ukadiche modaks are available for one and all, as perfect as your mom’s secret recipe. We give you a list of such places where you can avail these steamed delights for not Bappa but also your family and yourself. Better late than never.

You might know this place for its thalis but it also has a name for serving some delightful ukadiche modaks. On other days, these modaks, priced at Rs 20 per piece, are available but one has to order them separately. They are made on a limited basis and are over mostly by noon. If you want them in bulk, you can make a booking in advance. In fact, there is a 10% discount if you order for 10 or more. If you have any doubts over their quality, then fear not as celebrities like Asha Bhonsle and others are known to have loved their modaks. All kinds of people come here to taste these delightful delicacy loved by the God himself. Another variety found here is the kesar ukadiche modak. So, what are we waiting for?
Contact: 020-25531228/25532023
DESAI BANDHU AMBEWALE, Bajirao Road and Mayur Complex
modaksThe name is misleading. Mangoes might be their speciality but so are their ukadiche modaks. At Rs 15 per piece, this modak is made with fresh coconut, jaggery, and flour and so on. Both their centres have Maharashtrians and non-Maharashtrian foodies lining up to take their fill. The best part is that you can taste these modaks throughout the year at this mart. Apart from the steamed delights, you can also get the mango and mava flavours.
Contact: 020- 25453565 (Mayur Colony) and 020-24451468/25453565
If you want the best sweets, Kaka Halwai is the place and the same goes for some sumptuous ukadiche modaks. Just for Rs 20 per piece, you can try them all year round too. The filling consists of freshly grated coconut, elaichi and so on. And you can try them out any of their outlet in the city (there are quite a few of them). Here too, all kinds of people have their stomachs filled with this steamed delight.
Most in the city know this eatery as a place for some authentic Maharashtrian delights. And it is owned and managed successfully by the third generation, Kishore Sarpotdar. The eatery is here since 1935 and they also have a successful catering service. You can get ukadiche modaks at the caterers all year long, apart from these 10 days. In fact, apart from Maharashtrian crowd, even cosmopolitan crowd and people from other religious backgrounds come here to place their orders. It is the filling which makes the mark here. The best part is that they also have workshops to not just how to make these modaks but also make a business based on it. Charging approx. 16-18 per modak, you can also ask for hapus ukadiche modak (alphonso mango steamed modak), but it depends on availability of the pulp and the charge is around Rs 30.
Contact: 988107218 (Vidya) and 9422080220 (Kishor Sarpotdar)
Photo Credits: & Deepika Kharkhanis