A writer's paradise: Chat with Shobha De



Shobhaa Dé needs no introduction. Starting off as a model (yes, she was one), she became an acclaimed editor of magazines like Stardust, Celebrity and Society for Magna Publications. A renowned columnist for multiple publications like The Times of India and Mumbai Mirror, she has several top-grossing books to her credit. She was in the city to speak about the first http://www.vffl.at/lybistok/2250 Pune International Literary Festival and had keenness to start this festival which in her words, bridges the gap between English and Marathi literature.

http://www.yellowrage.com/krabik/1361 From a writer’s point of view and also a readers, would you say holding such a festival is challenge?

The biggest challenge we face is funding and this is a problem one faces across the world. You have to build on something and attract the right authors. It is then obligatory to support and engage the authors. But this is a fantastic opportunity for one and all and I support this festival.

http://escuelametafora.com/2016/12/ As a writer, how much response do you get from festivals like these as compared to normal launch?

For young writers, to get the right launch is important as you can find confidence and a positive feedback. It is a dream come true for them

Get the facts What are your expectations from this festival?

I have high expectations, of course. Pune has a wonderful tradition of culture and literary history. The city’s intellectuals are prepared for something like this. It will be a fabulous festival, for sure.

directory In general, what more can be done to make festivals like this more reachable?

They will have to get good lineup and add a certain status to it. You have think of engaging the thinking public well.