The proper training explained by Dr Ajish Abraham

We either become street smart about gym training via the internet or are too lazy to really imbibe what the trainer tells. So Dr Ajish Abraham, occupational therapist, ACSM, HFS and lecturer, Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute, talks about the things people do that trainers hate.

The trend these days is not just about getting healthy via gymming but getting the right kind of training to achieve the purpose. Going for a personal trainer is the thing on most of these health freaks’ minds. But unfortunately, we either become street smart about training pattern via the internet or are just too lazy to really imbibe what the trainer has to tell. So, we have Dr Ajish Abraham, occupational therapist, ACSM, HFS and lecturer, Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute, talking about the moves committed by people which trainers hate. He enables you to understand the importance of following what your trainer has to say.
Following a proper training pattern, especially with a trainer, is vital to create a good basis for a healthy body. Abraham admits that exercise is a form of stress on the body. “If we give the stress in an organised pattern, the body is able to cope with the stress, recover and come back stronger. If the stress is beyond the body’s capacity, the body is unable to recover and the person can land up with injuries or illness (overtraining syndrome). A proper training pattern to progressively strengthen the base structures of the body and develop maximum capacity of strength in them will help to get better results and remain injury free.”
Abraham further discusses two most vital mistakes which people do when they come for training. He also points out ways to rectify those mistakes.
Working With Challenging Weights At The Start
The present scenario is such that we want quick results. The same goes for weight gain or loss. Abraham quips, “A common notion is “No Pain No Gain” made popular by bodybuilders. So, we try to work at high intensity (challenge) like running on treadmill during cardio or lifting heaviest weight possible.This approach of torturing the body during the initial few sessions of workout without body adaptation can lead to injury or reduce the potential to achieve better results.”
What Abraham suggests you to do is to focus on learning and achieving perfection in the exercise movements for the first few months. This will help you control your movements, when you go in for heavier weights. “This is because now the body has learned the pathway of the exercise and muscle knows what is expected out of them. The earlier approach of going heavy from start will make movement control difficult which may require unnecessary support from trainer. This, in turn, will make exercise less productive or without support it may cause injury.”
Doing B Crunches To Reduce Abdominal Fat
Most of us are victims of fat deposits all over the body. While for the guys, the high fat deposits are in the abdominal area, women are affected in the hips and thighs. “If we try to reduce body fat by doing high reps or exercises for one body part, the body loses fat from that part but within few hours or days, it redistributes the fat and again builds on in the same space. Hence we should focus upon overall body fat reduction,” reveals Abraham.
So, instead of ab crunches, go for large muscle group exercises like squats, lunges, rowing, deadlifts and bench presses in weight training. According to Abraham, muscle breakdown is achieved by challenging large muscle group with challenging weights. He further adds, “The muscle repair requires proteins from the diet and energy which the body takes from the huge storage of fat all over the body. Thus post exercise, the body uses the fats as a source of energy to repair the muscles which will now be developed to a bigger size. This extra muscle will require additional energy to be maintained which is again taken from the fat storage all over the body. When we supplement this with alternate days cardio, we will achieve a faster and better result of abdominal fat reduction. However, for the newbie client we still cannot go heavy with weights so a long duration cardio along with alternate days of light high rep weight training sessions will serve the purpose.”
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