Star in the making: Interview with Girija Joshi

Newbie Girija Joshi speaks about her character in the upcoming film Govinda and acting in general..

Some new faces are hitting the Marathi silver screen. One of them is Girija Joshi who will be seen in the upcoming film Govinda, opposite Swapnil Joshi. She speaks about her debut film with The Punekar.
What can you tell us about your character in Govinda?
My character’s name is Shravani. She is a mature and quite a practical girl. She is sensitive about her boyfriend but also opposes him when it comes to his participating as a Govinda. She wants him to focus on his education. They have their fights but she still stands behind him.
The film looks more like a guy’s film. Do you think you will be noticed?
You might feel that way but the character is full-fledged. She enriches the life of the hero.
You are working with some big names in this film, like Uday Tikekar, Arun Nalawade and so on. The experience must have been great while shooting.
Actually, this is my third film, but the first one to get released. All the actors in this film are biggies, so I was tensed. But they made me feel so good and we really bonded. I learnt a lot from them, whenever I faced the camera. Swapnil would discuss the scenes and all. The film is complete team work.
What would you say to the audience when they come to see Govinda?
Usually, we come in the theatres, see the film, enjoy it and then forget. But people take great efforts in making it and a lot goes behind making it. This film is about the lower middle-class people who participate in dahi handi. It will stay with the audience for life. It gives a message that you should enjoy the festival but also take precautions.