Seriagraphy with Raju Sutar

Learn what Seriagraphy is all about, as we talk to Raju Sutar about his workshop and the artform itself…

Art and a person’s mood are the same: ever changing. Different art forms are being developed and redeveloped. One of them is Seriagraphy, which happens to be an art form wherein you produce an image by “by pressing color though a fabric stencil comprised of porous and non-porous sections. The image may be produced onto a fabric such as a t-shirt, or other materials such as ceramic, paper, or wood ( It is also called silk-screening or screen-printing. And those who want to know more about this art form can go to Amrapali Art Centre, where a two day workshop of ‘Learn Seriagraphy’ will be conducted on August 10-11 by renowned artist Raju Sutar. In a small interview, Sutar speaks about the workshop.
raju_2013Held between 10.30am to 5.30pm, the workshop’s topic is quite intriguing. Sutar reveals, “It is actually a well-used technique and has been extensively used by artist Andy Warhol. Actually, the technique was invented in Japan. It had come to Paris a few centuries earlier and quite a few Indian artistes have used it. For example, MF Hussain had used this technique in two of his series – the Kerala and Ganesha series.” In his words, anyone with a minute interest can attend the workshop, irrespective of whether they have learnt art or not.
For those not tuned into the world of art, Sutar is one of the leading names in contemporary art. This fine art expert further adds, “I will be making sure that the techniques will be oriented towards showing the participants the details and will also making sure they have practical knowledge of it. In the evening, I will be showing them a film on Andy Warhol.” He finds teaching the layman artist better, as in his words, “they are less conditioned and are a curious lot.”
He further speaks about the newly launched Amrapali Art Centre where this workshop will be help. He feels the centre is important from the artist’s point of view as this will be developed by the artists themselves. “People can share their works. It is a hub for all artists to meet, thanks to the Dr Ameeta Deshmukh.”
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