Music Review

Music Review: Narbachi Wadi

When a film is being spoken about so often before its release, chances are the expectations are high, even with its music. Marathi films, these days, have seen more than its share of better days. We can call it fantastic days. ‘Narbachi Wadi‘ is one of the upcoming films which has been spoken a lot these days. That’s good. The best part is that the film’s music is limited (in a good way) and sounds fabulous. The music by Mangesh Dhakde and written by the very dependable Guru Thakur has caught people’s imagination like fire. It has just two songs and they are enough to be in your playlist.
Director: Aditya Sarpotdar
Actors: Dilip Prabhavalkar, Manoj Joshi, Kishori Shahane Vij, Nitin Ratnaparkhi, Atul Parchure, Vikas Kadam, Jyoti Malde, Bhau Kadam and Kamlakar Satpute
Music: Mangesh Dhadke
Lyrics: Guru Thakur
Narbachi Wadi1Gazal Khari Kai sung by Adarsh Shinde greets you and calling it an addictive song might be a good option. Adarsh adds the extra and much-needed spunk to this peppy number. Some interesting use of instruments will keep you happy like dhol-taashe, nagare and something which sounded like shehnai. Guru Thakur’s lyrics speak of the film’s story in an amusing manner. Sample this: Urphaat Gavacha, Urphaat Chaala, Pindacha Ithe Kavalyavar Dola, Sashyane Shikar Keli Waghachi Ani Sinvhala Bhide Gaai… Gazal Khari Kai. We present it as an anthem for the season.
Next comes Shabay Shabay, another sweet attempt at describing the Konkan region, its people, their struggles and the movie’s theme, all in one go. This duet has Anandi Joshi’s soft voice match with Adarsh Shinde’s robust voice very well. The lyrics here too are a winner. In fact, the song is perfect for a drive down the coast, appreciating the beauty nature has bestowed upon the region.
Narbachi Wadi is a film which has a base in Konkan and its people can be compared to jackfruit – sharp from outside but sweet from inside. The songs bring out the Konkani jackfruit well to the listeners. They are an unusual mix of mass and class. Guru is a native from the region and does full justice to his land through his lyrics. The music director Mangesh Dhakde has managed to bring pure music without resorting to tricks like item songs or some western influence to catch the masses. A highly recommended music album, this is!