Lull after the storm

After a continuous spell of heavy rains, Punekars are finally enjoying the sunlight. Have we seen off the worst of this year’s monsoon yet? We hope not. We talk more of the monsoon..

What’s it with thee rain-gods? Are they playing a game of roll the dice with the weather in Pune at stake? After reigning like the sky was weeping copiously over the entire month, they have suddenly decided to leave us high and dry wanting for more. Such was the norm that I had considered myself to be an omen. Every frigging time I would step outside saying, “Aha! I am finally outside and it’s not raining yet…” I would complete myself with “Oh’ crap! I spoke too soon.”
The weather is one of the high points of living in this gloriously blessed city. But when you are among the zillions of bikers ditching the PCMC buses for an equally appealing ride on your bike, you start on a love and hate relationship with the rains. You are drenched with, abused with the dirty water that sprinkles on to you from the thousand Splendor’s and Pulsar’s rear wheel and by the time you reach home, you know you are taking the next day off to just avoid the goddamn commute!
It rains while you are sleeping, it rains while you are going out on a date and it certainly will rain if you have a movie outing planned. And now after braving it for a month, I had become quite thin-skinned to the obvious. I had honed enough super powers in me or so I thought. I could drive with minus visibility, bikers swaying like they were being driven by zombies and the honking at the many traffic jams. Suddenly, everything is normal and I am not. The after-effects of being soaked every single day are starting to take up its toll. Where are the falling droplets lashing on to our faces and outstretched hands? Are they playing on some other city? Lonvala maybe?
Well, the Sun is yet to shine gloriously. The laziness remains in the weather and I am still bitten by the bug of monsoon. I don’t know if all my fellow citizens of the city are missing the rain like I am but it sure was old glorious Pune’s weather re-visited. It has not rained like this in some time now. Few years at least as far as I can recollect. Time to jolt out of the hibernation mode and visit the balcony of my home again looking at the distant mountains that skirts the city, I guess. I will hold on to my raincoats for few more days knowing very well that the final downpour will soon engulf me again. I will be cussing the rains and the traffic again. But, what the hell, the sun had its day in the treacherous summers. The city deserves few more splashes of rain this season.
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